I’ve taken on a new business title:  Shamana of Play… or PLAY Shamana!  and WOW does it feeeeeeel so good!


I’ve been pretty serious over this last year immersed in developing my new biz, learning the Tao of the World Wide Web and how to find and connect to my Tribe!  and share my gifts pushing the edge of technology as far as I can to create a virtual Embodied Arts experience.  It has been a long and at times, stressful experience.  I have been working very, very hard.


Yet… when the sun moved into Leo… things changed FAST for me!


I could feel a lilt in my heart and the force of play began showing up EVERYWHERE!  in my communications on facebook!  in my desire to photograph everything in my PlayWomb and share it with my friends and tribe… and even putting a mirror up right next to where I sit on the floor so I can seeeee myself.  Haha!  Now if THAT isn’t Leo, what is?


“I have a mirror in my PlayWomb… a large enough one to seeeeeee my whole body! I’ve decided… why does everyone else get to seeeeee me and I don’t!?! Really… I don’t even know what I look like when I write or stretch, eat or paint. Vain? Nope. I just want to see what all the hubub is about! haha! LEOOOOOOO LOVE YOU!!”



I posted some photos of my PlayWomb on facebook which is another one of my playwombs.  NOT because I think my room is all that.  But because I honestly and truly believe that we allllll need a Womb of our own!  (with alllll due respect, my heroine Virginia Woolf wrote a profound treatise on having a Room of Your Own. )


And when I first read that piece I had no room of my own!  She planted the seed.  And the seed sprouted and began to grow.  And what you see now?  is a room of my own.)  And in this room, I sit on the floor like I am right now with my laptop on a footstool and write allllllll my writings!  the Dark and the Playful… to share with you and alllll my friends!


I LOVE to play!  And I LOVE having PLAYMATES who love to play with meeeeee!


If we were going to put an archetype to technology and the internet, it would be Aquarius, the sign our last full moon was in…


which rules the cutting edge technologies and sciences.  Think the myth of Prometheus.  The God who shared the gift of fire with humanity to help them survive.


Aquarius also rules FRIENDS!  LOVE my Friends!


And so with allllllll of this energy of Leo and PLAY and Aquarius FRIENDS and TECHNOLOGY… it becomes an exquisite moment to be starting my new program:


 Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius and Embody the Mystery of YOU !


Would LOVE to have you join me in these live webinars and full days of painting together online… in our ‘rooms of our own!’  Sharing our deepest selves, exploring the sacred depths and releasing that energy into our lives for exquisite transformation, healing and empowerment!
Would LOVE to have YOU, my friends and loves, join me in this exquisite experience of transformative Play!  Transforming that monsters and shadows that haunt us, into the gold of the Self that serve us!


 The OOOOOoooooooo so serious practice of PLAYYYY!


YAY!! I’ve found the SECRET to
Unleashing my Wild Creative Genius and YOURS!!
And it’s in how I chooooooose to start my DAY!
So I am here to shout it out my door!
in case there are others like me out there this way


The most IMPORTANT way for MEee to start MY day
is to begin with the very serious practice of PLAY!!!
not meditation… or breakfast… exercise… or business
Those will dumb you down faster than you can say HEY!!


I’ve done the other… the serious way
of working hard at the beginning of my day…
Faster! Smarter! Learn the next trick before it gets away!!
made myself SICK dumb and dumber fretting
when all that I needed was to turn it the other way!


Left brain SHLEFT brain! who made YOU the Boss?
Manic Beta who can say expedaliDATA
It’s upsidedown and insideout!
You’re suppose to be a supporter!


Our Genius is hidden, a Jewel deep in our bodypsycheeeeeess
and that treasure only opens with
very special modalitieeeeeeeeeesssssss
Splashes of COLOR drawing DANCING witches fairies
writing SPIRALS on the door
hummmmmmmmming and sinnnnnngggggging…
ANYTHING!! make it yours!!
Dress up ANY way!!
Vamp or Gypsy… bells and sparkles
just EXPLORE!!


And then???? WATCH what happens!!!
what’s released…
in your Ooooooo so serious business world.
Let me tell you…


Watch a child… enlightened monks in our midst…
move through their issues 1, 2, 3, 4…
INFUSED with the pure living force of their character


Try it! For a day! A Week! or for-everMORE!
and I bet it will become your new sacred serious practice of
for OOooooo so serious practice of PLAYYYYY!


Written in honor of the Sun who is now fully PLAYING In Leo, the sign of PLAY… and your Wild Creative Genius… who wants to come out each day.


Kathleen Prophet… Professional Play Shamana Wild Witch WomanChild


p.s.  If this post has piqued your curiosity… an energy of play… check out my other post / vlog I did on creating a room of your own and the Power of Play :   Shamana of the Dark Eros Oracle – The Power of Play