Summer Solstice. The Sun at its zenith.

The Sacred Marriage of the Sun & Earth

New Moon & Sun

Please join me on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. PDT for a
Summer Solstice Revelry Ritual webinar



Once upon a time, I shunned the Light. I was a Faerie of the Night!  A devotee of the Moon and her exquisite luminance.


The Sun was too harsh a Mistress. And even worse, was seen as all that was Good = solar consciousness and the great achievements of humanity and civilization, while the Darkness was negatively cast as the uncivilized, the WILD, messy instincts, and the ebb and flow of the scary unconscious with all that it harbors, protects, mothers.


People fear the Dark! They stay away. And thus, their inner darkness grows, transforming into monsters that haunt them in their dreams and play out in the theatre of their lives as disease, failed relationships, loss of meaning, depression.


I admit, I was one of those people. For a period of my life I pursued the light in hopes that it would heal me and make me as ‘good’ as I perceived everyone else. Particularly my mother. But the more I chanted and attempted to align myself 24/7 to the great god of Harmony and Light, the more my Wild Criatura prowled, snarled and lashed out at others.


Bowed down and made low in my sense of ‘sin’, I turned to face my own darkness realizing there was no one else to blame.  Not even my father, the bastard!  I opened the door… and unleashed Her.


To my utter surprise, I fell in love with my Darkness!  And who wouldn’t?  It was a wondrous place FILLED with the hidden Jewels of Self and the powerful transformative magic of the imagination! Every time I entered, I encountered healing, enlightenment and release of new energy in my life which I then used to create with… art and new ways of being in the world. The darkness became my solace. And my bounty! I became richer than anyone I knew.


Imagine creating art and enlightenment out of every seeming catastrophe that Life brought me? Imagine healing intractable wounds. Difficult relationships transforming into sacred journeys!  Life becoming as legendary as any of the GREAT artists and heroines you love!


So…. I became a devotee of the Night! of the Darkness. And shunned the Light.


The word happiness wouldn’t DARE roll from my tongue. Ugh. Why would anyone want to be happy all the time? An impossible feat first of all. What if my child is disfigured? or my house burned down? my mother dies? I have 10 overdraft fees? Am in a fight with my lover? Really? happy all the time? such a dishonor to alllllll of those events!


No waaaaaaaaaaaay! Too flat for me. I wanted to embrace the full catastrophe, like Zorba the Greek!  If the house you build falls… weep all of your tears while fully dancing your grief!  Such. Exquisite. PATHOS!  Dark Beauty!


And the irony? Everytime I did embrace the pain, the conflict, the challenge, everytime I worked with my unconscious using my modalities of the embodied arts, I was released into… guess what? deep powerful inner growth and enlightenment which resulted in JOY!! Ecstasy! more happiness than I had ever experienced in my life!  Hahaha!  Crazzzzzzzzzzy!  YES!!


So whenever spring rolled around and, woman forbid, we entered SUMMER! with its waxing brilliant hot sunlight, I grit my teeth and hid.


Then one Summer Solstice day when the light was blaaaaazzzzzing in its unbearable intensity… I looked around and SAW with infant eyes: Summer is GNARLY!  Growth is SIC!


I looked around. Animals were ferociously vying for lovers. Frogs and crickets incessantly singing their all night ballads! Dragonflies doing it on the fly! Plants overtaking new territory, pulling down fences, breaking up sidewalks. Whoaaaaa, I thought! Light is not as light and airy as it’s been made out to be!


Nature is relentless in its pursuit of LIFE! Driving itself and everyone to a level of fanatical self creation! Make BABIES! of alllllllllllll sorts. And, if you are not the human baby making kind of person, that’s okay, says Life. Make Self babies! Creation babies. Write a book! Create a business! Compose a song! Paint! Invent!


So I turned to the Mysteries of the Light. And sure enough, they are just as GNARLY as the Darkness! Painfully so at times.  Carl Jung called this the ‘bright’ shadow.  Yeah.


When Life is pushing us to self actualize into the LIGHT! into the World! into showing up no matter WHAT people think. Ouch. It hurts at times. Especially for criaturas of the Dark who are most comfortable hidden.


Tis the rub. The Darkness gifts me with such profound levels of love and joy! such healing and bounty, that my heart is effUUUUUUUUSSSSSSING to share it with EVERYONE! Pushing me out on the stage of Life to announce to YOU your profound nature! One that has the capacity to create a revolution of the Self! HEAL YOU… love you like no other! GIFT you with as much magic as you see in any great leader, artist, spiritual teacher or inventor for that matter.


The Ways of the Underworld are Perfect. And… they include the Light! haha!

Please join me on June 20th, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. PDT for a Summer Solstice Ritual webinar.  Let us celebrate the GNARLY energies of Summer Solstice and the incessant blazing force of your SUPER NOVA Self!!  



Yup, my new term which popped out of my mouth a few months ago while witnessing a friend of mine in a radical pursuit of Self. Her core self energy was imploding and exploding all in one huge catastrophic moment. Her life? Changed forever.  For the BETTER!  She is living the unimaginable Life now because of being a devotee to her Sacred Wild Creative Genius = Super Nova Self!


You can read about her in the testimonies on my new program page.


My new program begins on July 20th. I will tell you more about it at its unveiling on Summer Solstice.


I am SO excited to share with you what I have been brewing in my MAD Sacred Wild alchemical laboratory of Self since the end of my last program. In fact, I will show you the new self of mine that integrated and exploded out into the painting I began in that group and am just finishing now. Can’t believe myself. Cannot BELIEVE IT!


YAY for our Super Nova Powers! And… YAY that these Mysteries now belong to YOU AND ME!


No more owned by the powers that be. No more held and locked away in some vault. You see, I am one of the Underworld’s secret agents. And I was sent here to get on the stage of Life to reveal the Mysteries of the Self to all. Not just the few.  To everyone.


I invite you to join me next Wednesday, June 20th at 4:00 p.m. PDT, to imbibe in the exquisite Mysteries of Summer.  If you can’t make it live, still register to get the recording so you can do the ritual some time over the 3 days.  The Sun hovers in the sky for 3 days… this is the stillpoint of Summer Solstice.  The sacred zenith of the Sun.



Of course, you can do the ritual anytime during summer because it has to do with the Mysteries of your Summer Self.  You can do it often.  The more you do it, the richer you will be!


Once you register, I will notify you about the sacred pieces I want you to gather for your Summer Solstice Altar… magical things that reflect and AWAKEN your magical Summer Self!


Let us DANCE and PLAY together. Gather art materials, as well as writing instruments.  Most importantly… your Body, the most magical instrument of all.


Super Nova Powers ACTIVATE NOW!


in love with your sacred wild creative genius I am…

Kathleen Prophet, Shamana of the Dark & Light Eros Oracle


p.s.  Please help me with my Revolution to expose the Mysteries of the Self to the whole world by passing this post and programs on to anyone you know who it would serve.  And really?  that is everyone!  Everyone deserves to understand the depth and breadth of who they really are.   xoxo