Yes, full embodied ritual is my jam. It wasn’t always this way. Ritual used to mean sitting, meditating, praying with beads, and watching some other priest or priestess enact the rites. I yearned to be the conductor of powerful magick and yet I had no idea how to make it real for me. Until I began pursuing the depth arts.

I use the word ‘depth’ to link it to depth psychology, which is a psychology rooted in Carl Jung’s works and those who followed after him, such as Marion Woodman. Depth psychology engages the Unconscious and Archetypes, those forces of nature born out of the instincts of the universe which have been clothed as God/desses since the beginning because of the powers they wield.


Depth arts, and what I refer to as Embodied Arts is using authentic movement, expressive arts, stream-of-consciousness writing and witnessing to give those archetypes, those gods and goddesses, those holy forces of the universe, a body, a voice, a paint brush to speak through and to transform me and the world.

I call myself an Art Sorceress because of the transformative nature of the forms of ritual art I engage in. It is Sorcery. I work with the powers of creation to effect change in my bodypsyche and in my world. To keep my mental health well. To integrate shadows. To receive guidance and fortitude to meet my life with courage. It changes worlds. It has changed mine from living a life that felt superficial into one that has body and is legend.