Dancing with the Daemon Apprenticeship

We can stop thinking of what we have failed to do and do whatever lies within our power. What those powers that are in us may be no one has truly dared to imagine. That they are infinite we will realize the day we admit to ourselves that imagination is everything. Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything Godlike about God it is that. He dared to imagine everything. ~ Henry Miller

The Underground Forest School Apprenticeship 2022

Dancing with the Daemon

A Personal Invitation

Apprentice to to the Powers of your Daemon, to the wisdom ways of the Wild Crone… and to the Mysteries that abide in the Underground Forest of your psyche.

“La selva subterránea, the underground forest, the underworld of female knowing. It is a wild world that lives under this one, under the world perceived by ego. While there, we are infused with instinctive language and knowledge. From that vantage point we understand what cannot be so easily understood from the point of view of the topside world.”
~ Pinkola Clarissa Estes

The Underground Forest School – The Apprenticeship: Dancing with the Daemon


The apprenticeship includes…

  • Private 1:1 tracking and support of your Daemon, your Initiations & Individuation
  • The Dark Eros Salon – a home for artwork, writing, performance art, witnessing, special events, online & in person co-created theatre
  • Seasonal Initiations – Live Initiatory Ritual Events for Apprentices only
  • the NEW – Underground Forest School’s Astro Mysterium! – The Art of Individuation & Initiation through the Zodiac  program.  Opening at Summer Solstice

This Apprenticeship is for those who desire to study more intensively with me.

To apprentice to the same forces I am a devotee of. To be mentored with fierce love and attention. To be midwifed into the most meaningful levels of your authentic self so as to live the life you ache for.

You have asked for a personal Cut Wife (Penny Dreadful). An Initiatrix. A fierce lover of your Holy Daemon, your Genius, so as to experience your life as legendary – grown from unrestrained imagination.

The following are some of the areas of life this Apprenticeship supports you in:

  • Intimacy with your Daemon, your Inner Beloved
  • Deepening into your calling
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Liberation from imprisoning constructs
  • Legacy creation
  • Shadow work
  • Creative Works 
  • Personal Rituals
  • Navigating these chaotic times
  • Creating a Legendary Life

Apprenticeship Registration


The basis of our work together will be private 1:1 work with me in attunement with your Daemon. The modalities I will use are:  astrology, witnessing to your life, your art work, creative projects. I will fashion rituals specific to you, work with the wisdom of your nighttime dreams , all in support of the visions you desire to actualize.

 The Apprenticeship includes Astro Mysterium! the next generation – The Art of Individuation and Initiation through the Zodiac. This program will be opening on Summer Solstice.

The Apprenticeship includes  a private Salon in mighty networks, where you will be invited to share your art, your writing, and the initiations you are moving through, so as to be Witnessed and track your Daemon over throughout the apprenticeship.


Other tools we will be working with:

  • Emotions to Power – the Alchemy of Primal Emotions into Power

  • Writing from the Body – Writing your stores, poems, myths, from the primal intelligence of your body

  • SpellCraft – Creating personal spells and rituals to meet the moment
  • Time Weaving – Alchemizing the past to return your Powers and create the future

  • Art Sorcery – Intentional Creativity: Art sorcery to support your desires

  • Rituals with the Holy Wild – Evoking the forces of Astrological Archetypes to support your life

  • Archetypal & Evolutionary Astrology – Transformatonal Logos

Because of the nature of my devotion to you and the particularity of your Wild Soul’s design, there are a limited number of apprentices I can work with, and therefore I have chosen to first invite those who have expressed desire for this level of depth work.

If you are interested,  contact me or register at the link below. 

 After registering for the apprenticeship you will receive an application. After I go through your application I will contact you so we can explore together whether this work is right for you and me. 

You will receive a questionnaire to fill out, revealing the story of how your Daemon has expressed itself over your lifetime.

One you have fill out the questionnaire, you will send it to me and we will book your first Dancing with the Daemon session.

This will include an astrology reading which will help to more fully flesh out your Daemon. We will begin to map out our journey together, which will be malleable and open to the changes that arise along the way.

You will be given a ritual and assignment to work over this first month until we begin our journey together.

Please contact me with any questions, thoughts, desires and imaginings you would like to explore with me.

Watch the Video below where I talk about the Apprenticeship program.

It is time for us to show up with our WILD SOULS as an act of revolution… by seizing our lives out of the clutches of the over-culture and living them as legendary!

Living that breaks the chains of our inherited conditioning by the toxic patriarchy that has ruled over this World for millennia. A revolution that lives on the inside, releasing us from the bondage of self-hatred and attack so entrenched we are tricked into believing we are the enemy.

Fie fie fie!! We have been LIED TO and it runs as deep as what we see in our own mothers and their mothers, and the fathers as well… a lineage that goes back millennia, with so few examples of legendary lives that we believe that living as legends is only for those other gifted, special people… not ourselves.

Our Daemons are in exile and our World is suffering because of our lack of self actualization in the World.

The very force of your character shakes, shudders, fractures and dismantles the patriarchy and all that is out of alignment with original Nature. It is moaning and groaning, old infrastructures ready to tumble to the ground, seeking to return to the earth of its nature.

This is happening here and NOW! We are in the Apocalypse which heralds the emergence of the SELF!

The old ego, the old identity, old conditioned patterns are feeling it, smelling it, hearing it! BOOM BOOM CLANG CLANG RATTLE RATTLE! and are terrified.

This is where the revolution lives… in the heart of each one of us breaking free, breaking out! Becoming THAT.

I Invite you into this Dance with your Daemon & I.

Hallowed, love, hallowed be.

in love and devotion to your Daemon

The Invitation…

I stand at the brink of eternity… a rare moment when the earth cracks open and one is invited to enter in… to spiral downward towards the center of existence where all realities converge.

There is no time here, no past or future. Tis the abode of all being, where one wrestles with the Gods, one’s monsters, the Ancestors, and the Self.

These mythic moments are fraught with dangers and the knowing that one will forever be changed. Forever be touched with a raving madness that few will understand.

We are deepening into the labyrinth where in order to proceed one must sacrifice a piece of oneself, cleaving asunder those most cherished beliefs that no longer serve.

If you choose to accept this invitation, you may be seized with the terror of an impending Initiation. Comfort and strength is found in tethering to the reality of your Wild Soul, the Rune Song of your Ancestors, the regalia of your Warrioress, and the passion of your Inner Beloved.

I have accepted… as have you.

Together we enter into this abode merging our souls as one in eternity. I am grateful for your presence with me. I hear the song of your courage and pay homage to you.

May our wounds run deep and our blood flow strong. May our hearts break open leaving us vulnerable to the piercing. And may we have the strength to re-member ourselves in vital new ways when the battle is done

Hallowed Be Wild One! Hallowed Be.

Apprenticeship Registration