Blessings of Lughnasadh, Olde Lammas, & The Lion’s Gate Portal

15° Leo – August 8th, 2021



Lughnasadh is the last of the Greater Sabbats of the year, marking the beginning of the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn for Witches and Pagans who dance round the Celtic wheel of the year. Many celebrate this festival on August 2nd, yet the 8th this year is the exact moment of the portal, or as some refer to it, the Lion’s Gate, a powerful day to do ritual and spells. The exact point is 15° Leo.


Lughnasadh occurs in the heart of the season of Summer. At this moment, Sol turns towards the Harvest and the dying time of the year. Tis a moment to begin to acknowledge the sacrifices we have made, both personally and collectively, in order for the harvest of the Self to be made conscious. It is both a time of the Spirits of Mourning moving in our midst, mourning over what and who have been lost, simultaneously with the Spirit of Gratitude stirring us into feeling grateful for what we have been gifted with.

🖤🔥🖤 Altar & Ritual 🖤🔥🖤


I’ve gone out to the canyon to gather elements of this time of year for my altar (asking and leaving offerings as I do)…
 fallen acorns and oak leaves, buck-eye seeds, ombre rocks, crow and wild turkey feathers, forest floor earth. I have placed images of my Finnish-Sami bloodline Witches and Underworld terrifying creatures. Photos of worthy opponents and enemies – my shadow demons. Along with old and new writings in supplication to Loviatar and Louhi, the wicked witches of the North of Finland.

Lugh is a Solar God and I do think it vital for us all to be working with the masculine within ourselves.

Connect with the Old Wild Gods
who are so much other than what we imagine the masculine to be. Let us lay that old tired toxic patriarchy to rest, deep in the earth where it can be remade into something very rich and strange, WILD, powerful, strong hearted, wise, and oh so kind. May we open our eyes to see and welcome this one home.

Hallowed be loves!