Pleasure MAGICK! Casting a Beltane Spell

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Join me for a MAGICKAL Conjuring Desire & Pleasure Ritual & Spell in the name of Venus, Taurus, Jupiter & Pisces… with a dash of Uranus thrown in to spice things up!

Do you feel it? We are in a state of alchemical flooooooowwwwwww…

One that if we tap into even for a few minutes, pours out through our pen, our brush, the playful movements of our body… our communions with cherished ones.

THIS is the nature of Nature! and ourselves as its instrument, played like FLUTES by its energy… in melodic motifs we’ve never experienced before! Feeling levels of bliss that is either rarely experienced or when it is, is here and gone and our attention moves on.

We are being made LOVE to by Venus in her union with Jupiter in Pisces, and with our beloved Luna approaching her lover Sol in Venus-ruled Taurus for an exact conjunction on Saturday, April 30th.

These energetic fields move, quickly shapeshifting… catch me if you can! They cry! Love, love me doooo! And do it now! for soon I will be gone beyond!… for the bliss by its nature will contract back into the more discomforting weight of existence.

The agony and ecstasy of Pisces. The pleasure maker into toil of Taurus.

Many in our culture focus on the terribleness of life. And there are vital reasons to do so. Hardwired reasons by the great Mama Nature herself. We need to chop wood carry water to feed and clothe and house ourselves and others; to care for illness, losses, tend to our dead, and when we have to, fight in terrible wars.

Yet what tends to happen is that we develop an attention deficit disorder as it has to do with pleasure, bliss! Ecstasy! JOY! To the point that when it does come through while we…

Hiking in my beloved forested canyon, playing in a vitalizing waterfall! A living moment of sheer delight with a child! Bathing in the breath of our lover after loveplay. Being in a flooooowww of creation while we paint! Sensory pleasure in our palette from a scrumptious meal. Creating with wild friends in theatrical play! Sweaty rooms in witchy yoga rites with cohorts of the Holy Wild Ways!

These are but a fewwwww of my FAVORITE THINGS!!

Yet as soon as we leave them and separate out, our attention goes back to worry over our lives, like a clam suffering over the grit it eventually makes its pearl from its self-soothing-milky-pearl-making substance.

We worry about what we don’t have and about the how how how?! are we going to get it?! And the pleasure fades away. To pleasure over worry is not something many have mastered. And while it does make pearls, ouch! it is so soooo hard!

Yet there is a way to shift the preponderance of weight from one side to the other… till their genius of both/and begin to weave together in a mandalic design!

I dare you to entertain the PLEASURES of your life, for more than just a fleeting moment.

I say dare, because who is the most un-pleasurable one we know? Our culture! The work-to-make-a-lot-of-money-so-you-can-play-and-have-pleasure ‘one day’ . Many die before that day comes, or have lost alllll their desire to live the fantastical glorious LIFE our lives can be!

Instead we have their set of values stuffed down our Taurus ruled throats since the time before we were born!

Idle hands are of the devil! With the Queen of Babylon leading the way to the royal road to hell! With Lilith having sex with devils and loving it on the banks of the red sea (great place for vacation!) in her defiance against that war-driven woman controlling Yahweh.

We are steeeeeeeeeped in it. That we must suffer for our sins our whole fucking life… even while Jesus only did it for a day. For a few moments of his life he lost his connection to his pleasure making god! For believe me, being one with the Self is the most powerful flow of blissful pleasure we can be in. He lost his connection and that is really when he suffered.

We run around with that loss of connection so much of the time we wonder if life is even worth it.

I recently looked at a list of all my desires. Some are what you’ve read above. Things I actually KNOW how to make happen and realize that the only thing that is stopping me, is fear and a redundancy of worry, and the lethargy it causes.

I am a devotee of fear. Its intelligence has allowed me to move through the most dangerous places like a midnight ninja! Protect groups of women from circling sharks. Guide my sons through high stakes circumstances.

As well as allow it to move me toward the things I desire! Imagine that! Desire actually being the other end of the spectrum of fear! Its energy carried me to whole new worlds with barely a penny in my pocket. To be a thief for what I loved, even while the circumstances were terrifying.

I use death as a mantra. If I don’t do it, it will not be a good day to die. And that is fear of that loss, of that lack of self realization, that can quickly move my fear into desire.

Yet too often now I am experiencing this gripping sensation in my belly with its ripples of energy moving out from my nervous system, what most call anxiety and panic. Gripping thoughts in imagined worst case scenarios stopping me from moving out.

So now with this boon from Venus & Taurus & Luna & Jupiter & Pisces – I am committed to making perspective shifts and changes that are right here in my psyche, heart, head and hand.

The power to attract more lovers! More PLAY! More creative flow time! Wealth to sustain me and my beloveds. And larger visions of FESTIVALS OF DANCING WITCHES & WILDLINGS!

I know why I have landed here. My nervous system, hallowed be her holy wild name, has been overwrought over these last two years… from the momentous virus… my own serious illness… tending to a life-threatening situation of a most beloved beloved… the rosary of suffering is long, and I know I am not alone.

My nervous system is bearing the burden. My body, the effect. My sleep. And slowly I have gone into a deeper introversion than I have experienced since childhood… conjuring those very images of hiding under my bed.

COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!! is the cry of this season of …


Pleasure Magick – Casting a Pleasure Spell


Make a list of your PLEASURES! Track them like a True Detective! The subtle ones that bring a rush of sensation with them.


Start writing these down. Pay ATTENTION to them, no matter how small that oh-so-what-is-important-mind may tell you they are.

And when you feel yourself in a moment of sheer delight? Say: YES! Thank you! More please! Yes! more of thisssssss energy, this emotion! this moment.


Pay attention to them and allow them to reveal to you what you reeeeeeeally desire!


Write down your desires over this weekend and the next few days til the REAL BELTANE on May 4 (Sun at 15° Taurus) which is when you want to release your spell to the Holy Wild!


Spells are more than repeating words and burning things. They neeeeed ENERGY… and if you are spellcasting for desires? They need the energy of your DESIRE to infuse the spell and impel it into destiny.


The desires you are spellcasting need to be real ones. Ones that you will follow your bliss through sickness and in health. If they are not the call of your Daemon – which I have figured out is what the religious call, the will of their god (yet they will tell you exactly what that Will of God is rather than allow you to attune to your own Wild Soul’s design.)


If they are not your deepest desires, they will in most cases either come to you and you will not feel satiated. Or they don’t. Because your investment is not enough. The investment of YOU spellcrafting your one precious life from the energy of pleasure for what you desire.


This is why we need to become trackers of desire! And we get to that by feeling into the sensations of pleasure in any given moment, here and now!

How’s that for ease of magick which just requires us to pay attention! To BLISS! JOY! Deep wild soul satisfaction! One with the flow of Creation!


Feel the force of those energies in your body and use this force to birth your Child of Bliss! of Desire!


Know your pleasure. Know your bliss. Know your desires…. and go full out to birth that babe!


Write them as if you are writing a novel. Be specific! Get into the juicy details. If free writing isn’t your thing then record your voice speaking them into your phone and transcribe them.


Then read them each day as you work with your spell. Building the energy into a force that you release on Beltane! On that day, take your writing, your totems, your incantations, your sweat from love and release them!


Devote yourself to your desires like a Lover. Feeeeeel the pleasure in them! Pleasure yourself in them!


Cast them with Jupiter and Venus and Taurus and Pisces! Make your dreams come true! Be the force of desirous pleasure attracting more and more of what your wild soul wants to you!


and while you are waiting? Love the LIFE you’re with.




your Astro Bliss Witch,

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