I was born on a wildly dark mythic day… the 11th day of the 11th month in 1957. I was marked to carry the wounds of my Father, Mother and my Ancestors into the New World.

My life is legendary.  It could have been something other. So easily. The trick is in how we perceive it.  How we interpret the hieroglyphs which play out on the stage of our lives. Unfortunately for most of us imagination was eradicated from our education and thus our self analysis is bland, cold, critical and superficial. Anything but mythic. Grand. The Legend that we are born to live.

Thank you for stopping by my website, the haven for my Holy WILD Nature… and yours.

I am an Art Sorceress, a Ritualist, a Teacher, a WITCH, guiding women into the hidden regions of the their bodysouls to draw forth the Holy Wild into their lives.

I have transformed, healed, and learned to embrace and fall in love with myself and my life over and over again through working with the power and magick of the Holy Wild… using the embodied transformative arts ~ astro witchery, oracular movement, intentional creativity, and flow writing.  It is through these forms I am able to see, hear, smell, taste, eat, AWAKEN to this force of intelligence within Nature.

I mentor women in these embodied arts in live ritual workshops, online groups and in 1:1 sessions.  I teach them how to scry their astrology charts and engage with the forces they discover there. To dance to their own heart beat and paint THAT upon the page. To write their RAW wild soul into existence, and ritualize their way into that profound intelligence within so as to draw it forth for sustenance and support.

The overriding theme of my life has been to break free of the wretchedness the world mirrored as reality and find the REAL deal. The mythic deal! The great adventure!  My own! 

Through this work I continue to heal the dark wounded psyche I inherited and fashion understanding, art and meaning out of its energies.  I am eternally transforming. And now I am living my life aligned with my Holy Wild Nature and passing this wisdom on to you.

Without fully knowing what I was seeking, this was the quest that broke through in my early 40s when I could no longer bear the confines of life as mother, musician, teacher, spiritual devotee, lover.

I had worked hard and accomplished much in all of these areas, was renowned as a master teacher of children, the arts, music, yet something in me was desperately languishing.  My health began to decline as did my relationships.  I turned my back on organized spirituality and found myself feeling less tolerant of my children, my partner, my work.  Something was calling me.  Howling.

I could feel the presence of its encroaching wildness.  It prowled in my dreams.  My sexuality exploded on the scene.  The energy was ferocious and terrified me!

I knew the power of the wild dark side as I was nearly destroyed by it as a teenager.  Yet I also knew its gift. The jewel in the darkness. The potency of this force when there is a place to express it in creative ways. In this dark jewel I was experiencing the radical drive for creation.  I had birthed enough babies. Now I thirsted for Art. The Art of Self Creation from my deepest nature. 

I began to follow my instinctual intuition.

Smelling.  Hearing.  Touching. Imagining my way through the unconscious. I was seeking something new. Something ancient.

I hungered for it as an artist. I hungered for its wildness. I wanted OUT of the confines of this civilized life! I wanted a radical breakthrough no matter the suffering I might endure.


I knew I had to follow this energy to get to the core of my authentic essence and fully live it. And… I was cursed to go through it anyway. There is no putting this creative force, back in the bottle from whence it came! If I didn’t find my way with it, it would destroy me and those I loved in its wake.


What do we do with the WILD creative self that defies the boundaries of our society, pushes the edge of our taboos, threatens to destroy traditions as well as the human when uncontrolled… while at the same time is the creative force in which we are being impelled by evolution to CREATE!  Anew!  Ourselves and our society. Revolution! The creative revolutionary force of evolution!

My pursuit brought me to the feet of the wise grandmothers of embodied depth psychology art expression, and witchcrafting: Marion Woodman, Aviva Gold, Neala Haze, Jill Mellnick, and eventually, as I clawed my way back into the landscape of the holy WILD, I found Danielle Dulsky and Shiloh McCloud.

They taught me to return to the ground of my body.  Trained me in the arts of the bodysoul.  Here it was that I contacted the ‘uncontacted woman’ in the wilderness of my bodypsyche.  Here it was that I learned how to dance with the force of my creative daemon, my muse, my WITCH!


Over the last 25 years I have crafted volumes of embodied art and trained hundreds of women in these sacred forms.


I hold seasonal rituals and celebrations for my community, guide women in my Astro Mysterium membership and the 13 moons of the years, and daily engage in the creation of my own art.  I have arrived and am eternally arriving into living my Legend, dancing fully in who I am, and passing these gifts and skills on to others.


My Offerings

I invite you to join me and others in exploring and deepening your understanding of the Daemon, Archetypal Astrology, Myth, Embodied arts in the programs I offer.

The continued imperative of my Holy WILD Nature, my Daemon, is to share my journey of these embodied arts and guide others into theirs for the reclamation of their life as Legend.


I live in a hut in the Redwoods with my Lover like no other, and my familiar wildling, Lilu, on the edge of the great waters of the Pacific, home of the Tatcan and Suenen tribes, who lived in harmony with the ecosystem for thousands of years, hallowed be their Names.

My abode is filled with my paintings, Altars, and Ancestors, living round my Shamana tree of Fire that my lover pulled from the burning El Scorpion Canyon. There is a bounty of  floor and earth space to move my body in all the ways she desires.  This is where I give birth to the creations of my holy wild Daemon.

It is has been the haven for the birth of the wild genius of countless others. Before that I worked in the cracks like most Wild Mothers and Creaturas who roam seeking a birthplace for their Becoming.