New Moon in Libra – The Love~Hate Paradox

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New Moon in Libra


I love New Moons! Which are Dark Moons in disguise. The Ancients called them Dark Moons because you can’t see the moon in the sky. She has her dark side turned to us while making love with her Sol. They are completely aligned with the force! And that force this new moon is Libra!
And I love Libra!

Most people don’t know that Libra is ruled by Venus and both rule the 7th house of Committed Relationships. Partnerships. Marriage. Business partners. Many yeared Lovers. Even super close BFFs, as long as they are committed… til death do us part!

Do you know who else we are in committed relationship with? Our Enemies. Both ways! We to them and them to us! We just can’t let them go. They consume our every thought! Hijacking our amygdala and literally driving us mad!

This is why the Ancients put enemies in the House of Love. Because it is Love’s opposite. The flip-side of the same archetype.

Have you ever been in an argument with your lover or your son or daughter who has said the most hurtful things about your most sensitive issues? Shocking ones because of how evisceratingly cruel they are?


We expect it from our enemies. Kind of.

I’ve seen big people with hundreds of followers be taken out by that one insult comment out of a multitude of love and support comments. They become obsessed. Why is that?

Well for one, we know our enemies will say things that our friends would never tell us about ourselves. Most people don’t want to hurt our feelings.

To have a friend who will point out our shadows so we can hear and integrate them, requires a solid relationship of trust. Otherwise it comes through fights and insults when we are in fury!

We are desperate to find our shadows. Why? Because we need to integrate them to become more whole, powerful, wealthy! And ALIVE!

In some Eastern philosophies, the Enemy is considered to be the Worthy Opponent. Contemplate that! Why? Because our enemies cause us to become alert to what is blind in us. Where we are weak. Where we need more self-protection. Where we need to eat our own shadows so others can’t wield power over us!
One of the expressions of the Libra archetype is found in the Mediator. Mediator in marriages, where words of eternal love once flowed, spewing hatred and vile lies to get self-centered needs met rolls.

Then there are the mediators on the world front negotiating peace between warring factions who have killed and harmed each other for centuries… who work to find the key to unlock negotiations. Keys that meet the needs of each.

Libran power requires that we include both to get to the intrinsic needs that will reconcile opposites and shift the battle from perpetual insult and self-defense, into fashioning whole new inclusive worlds.

Think about your conflicts with your friends, your loves, your kids. What happens on the other side? In mine, deeper intimacy. Every time.

This is very tricky work. It is an Art. And few humans are aware of this.

The Archetype of Libra (not necessarily the humans who identify as such) contains the whole catastrophe!

Embrace the Full Catastrophe! wrote Jon Kabat-Zinn.
When we can see, understand and accept that the catastrophe – the vying of opposites – is Nature at work, perhaps we will be able to tolerate the tension of hatred and love, of insults and support, and move towards a world that isn’t naive about being able to stop one side or the other, because that’s just not gonna happen. Then and only then do we begin functioning at a more whole human genius level.
Until then? We continue to fight for the idea that we are going to wipe out the other side, or somehow they will eventually come around. Or that ONE DAY we will operate as a conscious love collective, and no one will have to vote or fight or have opposite sides, because we are all THAT. This idea is often invoked with the symbol of the beehive. Do you know what goes on in that beehive?

This archetype beckons us (sometimes screechingly so!) to accept that collective kumbaya love is not going to happen and that there is a brilliant primal intelligent reason behind that.


Once we get on board with that? We will mature into the New World that is far more complex than 2 sides.
Some Mothers and Fathers know this. They have to stretch themselves to include the complexity of their children who defy much of what they stand for. Obviously not all, but it is part of the instinct to accept and include the whole of the complexity of the child. These Mothers are Leaders and are changing the World one child at a time.
I bow to you, my lovers, friends and enemies. And I will continue to play my role, my point of view. To vote for what is true for me. As well as defend with ferocity what I love… and hate.
For those suggesting that we will get to a collective LOVE fest of all… I say, YESNAY!
Hallowed Be Wild Ones. I love thee!
Oh, one last thing in terms of Mythic Astrology
The Myth I like to work with Libra is the Myth of Isis, Osiris, Set & Nephthys.

In the past I have touted the undying love and initiations that Isis and Osiris went through to point to our fierce and intense that path of love is. Yet today I include them all, because without Set, that Love destiny of Osiris and Isis would not have played out as it did.

We need our enemies, just as much as we need our friends.
“The enemy is never wrong. The enemy just is.” Frank Rivers
Once we become clear on that, we will indeed become as wise as serpentssssss!

Hallowed be to the primal intelligence of Libra this Day!!

Love this image, Children of the Demon Days. I haven’t found the artist yet, just the series of books it is from, The Red Pyramid.

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