Astro Witch ~ Art Sorceress ~ Ritualist

Astro Mysterium

Astro Witch

Teacher and writer of Mythic Astrology. Ritual Leader of the Dark Moon Mysteries and Seasonal portals. Mentor of the Embodied Arts.

I guide women into the heart of their shadows and WILD inner terrain to encounter the metamorphic power of the Self dancing with and initiated by the holy WILD forces of Nature.

Art Sorceress

I am an Art Sorceress… fashioning art out of the material of my life, my shadows, my suffering, my holy wild desires. Through this alchemical brew I am transformed, fortified and empowered. 

I teach Women these Holy Wild Arts in the Cauldron of Ritual under the light of the Dark Moon. Our tools?Altar~Alter Creation. Oracular Movement. Alchemical Painting. Stream-of-Consciousness Writing. Ritual Art.

Astro Mysterium

  Join me on a journey through the 13 Initiating Moon Cycles of the year in an embodied study of the Astrological  forces of Nature. You will receive much more than a course in Astrology. You will embody your Knowing as the Ancients once did through the direct encounter with these HOlY WILD Forces of Nature.  This gives you the support and ground for your life, your  individuation, and the the alchemical work with your shadows.

Join us on this magickal mystery tour  of the embodiment of the zodiac, the Holy WILD!

Readings with Kathleen Prophet

Astro Witch, Art Sorceress and Shadow Dancer… I live, breathe and embody the Astrological Holy WILD forces of Nature. I speak their Mother tongue, the language of Myth, to support you in unlocking the hieroglyphs of your Sacred Mandala of Self, your astrology chart, for greater levels of Self Knowing and liberation, in support of unleashing your Holy WILD Nature. 

The 13 Rites of the WITCH

Join me round the Alchemical Cauldron of WITCHES… the portal of liminal worlds where MAGICK RULES and those who fear the dark stay away. Where brilliant soft WILD animal bodies refuse to obey other’s rules, moving souly to the rhythm of their own deep heart beating to the throb of the Holy WILD.

I invite you to enter into this potent alchemical time in the 13 Holy Rites of the WITCH! 

The Forbidden Way of the Art Sorceress

The Forbidden Way of the Art Sorceress – A Painting Journey into the Secret Regions of your Wild Soul to access the genius of the Holy Wild.

Nature's Books of Secrets


The series, Nature’s Books of Secrets contain astrological teachings, myths, artwork with guidance to create your own, a recorded journey and ritual on the new astrological archetypes for the month. Each Book also contains teachings on astrology and reading your own chart.

You can purchase these books separately or seasonally.


Astro Mysterium!

Astro Witch School

 A secret coven of witches brewing magick with the cycling forces of Luna & Sol, and Planetary & Asteroid archetypes, so as to embody the powers of the Holy Wild and make serious magick happen in our psyches and our lives.

I invite you to join us in this initiating journey through the WILDS of our Astro Psyche over the Solar & Lunar cycles of the year…

Opens Winter Solstice 2019

The REAL Lughnasadh and the Lion’s Gate portal

The REAL Lughnasadh and the Lion’s Gate portal

Dear Astro Witches of the Holy WILD Ways, I want to talk to you about the REAL Lughnasadh (named after the Celtic god Lugh. Christians later named it Lammas) and the Lion’s Gate portal. “The real Lughnasadh?” you ask... Yes, well, the cross-quarter days are not set on...

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The Eclipse Portal – the Liminal Landscape

The Eclipse Portal – the Liminal Landscape

THE PORTAL - The Liminal Land Betwixt and Between Worlds Look to see where 10° Cancer is in your chart (new moon solar eclipse), and then 23° Cancer-Capricorn (Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse). This is the area that is being initiated. A portal is a liminal time...

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Astro Mysterium Writings

Alchemical Astrology writings that carry you into the transformative nature of these Holy WILD forces of Nature. Learn how to work with these energies to support you in your life and the creations you desire to fashion = The Art of Self Creation.