Sacred Wild Creative Genius Program

Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius & Embody the Mystery of YOU!




Embody the Jewel of YOU!

A 12 week Journey




 You’re a leader, an activist, a passionate mother, a warrior queen.


And you know it’s time. Time to deepen into your legendary life.  Your legacy.


You’ve worked for the education, the car, the house, the lover, the children.  And you’re living the lifestyle of an entrepreneurial creatrix.


But you’re still empty.


You KNOW something is missing. You’re craving more mystery, more of the sacred, more passion, more magic – more YOU. You want your life to be infused with sacred significance, uninhibited imagination, joy — and wild creativity that knows no bounds.


Your entire life, you’ve had the sense that more of you is hidden away in the dark. And you recognize that unlocking this sacred mystery of yourself is the key to fully liberating yourself and living a deeply satisfying, rich, visionary life.


You yearn to navigate the dark waters of your psyche — to discover and nourish the mystery of your creative genius; your sacred legacy and your gift to the world.


I hear you!   And thus I have created this program for you…



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“Kathleen’s program is so deeply personal, she embraces you, guides you, holds you in those precious moments of rebirth.  I found after each session a veil was lifted, a burden gone, worries no longer had their grip on me or power over my feelings.  I found myself accepting myself, loving myself, honoring myself and the greatest gift was finding my voice.


“Kathleen’s incredible gift as the creator of this program and the facilitator is profound, liberating and life changing.  Thank you Kathleen for your years of self exploration and discovery and bringing to all of us women on this sacred path of life a Staff to guide us through the Maya.”

 Jewels Moore, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN[/message]



Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius & Embody the Mystery of YOU!




In this unparalleled program, you’ll learn how to unleash your Sacred Wild Creative Genius as revealed in your personal Astrology and the seasonal cycles… and infuse your existence with these transformative energies.


I’ll bring you to a deeper understanding of your authentic self. And you’ll shift your reality in life-affirming ways.


I’ll train you in the Embodied Arts — authentic movement, expressive painting, authentic writing and ritual. And you’ll embody your Sacred Genius, encounter the power of your Bodypsyche and heal the pain and trauma of your past.


I’ll teach you how to uncover a new appreciation for life’s exquisite sacred nature, as you move from shame into self-love and empowerment. And you’ll learn the creative tools you need to be in a lifelong relationship with your Sacred Wild Creative Genius and the archetypal forces of nature.



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“When Kathleen and I had our one-on-one Embodied Arts session (with drawing and movement), I was going through a huge personal transition and evolution… My relationship was changing and I felt compelled to change my life, but I wasn’t certain which way to turn. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of movement unleashing my psyche – I was scared of how I would look or what might come up. It seemed like it might be a dark experience or I might go into a dark space.


“In fact, the experience was the exact opposite! As I moved and drew with Kathleen as my witness (virtually – over Skype), I began to feel held. I felt beautiful, empowered, and fearless. The emotions and thoughts that arose were not dark at all… simply deeply true. When Kathleen relayed to me what she observed, I was blown away. I felt so loved, so warmly received, so safely held. She saw a woman coming into her own. A woman self-contained. She saw me. The real me. And I loved what was reflected back to me. One hour with Kathleen actually changed how I saw myself, which will change my life.


“…Don’t be frightened because it’s unfamiliar territory. Embrace it, and watch your truth unfold in the most beautiful, sacred way.”

Emelie Rota, Lifestyle Artisan & Creative Catalyst,  Start YOUREVOLUTION [/message]





In the 3 month Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius Program, you’ll receive:


:: One 90 minute 1:1 with me, just the two of us…

Unleash Your Genius & Empower your Life – Astrology Chart/Life Embodied Art session.
See full description of session here…


:: Three LIVE Embodied Arts Rituals, 90 minute multi-media webinar…

These virtual sessions will include: ritual, movement, expressive art, authentic writing, and live video witnessing. They will be held on or around the new and full moons of each month.


:: Three LIVE Teleconference Calls: Training in the Embodied Arts – 60 minutes

In these live calls I teach you the theory and principles behind the various forms of Embodied Arts:  authentic movement, expressive painting, witnessing, altar creation, initiatory ritual.  We will have Q&A time to discuss the principles as they relate to the experiences you are having in the live sessions.


:: One LIVE Dance & Paint with your BodyPsyche, 4 hour webinar workshop webinar

This one day workshop will give you the time and space to deepen into your wild creative psyche through movement & painting and be enlightened and transformed through the process.  This workshop affords you the ‘retreat’ time to really be with a painting for a longer period to encounter the mysterious force of your creative psyche. It reveals the genius artist the unconscious is at creating Shamanic-transformative healing images with the power to integrate shadows, heal wounds, create new visions for life, and embody it in the NOW present moment reality.


:: Exclusive membership in the Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius Salon…

for you to post and share your expressive art and creative writing with the other members of the group, and process what is coming up for you.  You will also receive personalized witnessing in the Salon as well as teachings in the Mysteries of the Embodied Arts.

:: The myths and secret powers of the changing lunar/solar archetypes each month…

and where they live in your chart as we move through the year and invite the energies of these archetypes to support us.  This personalized information will be posted for you in the exclusive Wild Creative Genius Salon.


:: Personal witnessing…

to your artwork and writing during the live sessions and in the Salon.  I will also train you in the Art of Witnessing.


:: Training in the Embodied Arts:

authentic movement, expressive art, stream of consciousness writing, ritual.  Training videos and written materials will be posted in the Wild Creative Genius Salon.



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“Kathleen possesses a deep wisdom of the sacred feminine energy that is calling women home. Her ability to witness the unique gifts of women, and help then integrate both the dark and the light is phenomenal.


“In my personal experience, the feeling of peace and grounding I felt during and after her Body Psyche work was absolutely life affirming. I highly recommend Kathleen Prophet if you want a clearer path to access your powerful inner genius and you want to express that part of yourself more fully in the world.”

Nona Jordan,  The Business Yogini[/message]


 This program is for you if:


:: You crave the space – and the support — to plumb the unbound sacred depths of your imagination, your Sacred Wild Creative Genius, and unleash its sacred transformative energies into your life.


:: You desire to learn more about the Mysteries of the archetypes of astrology and embody these forces to support your Life and Genius.


:: You are experiencing a difficult life circumstance which is impacting all areas of your life. You know you need to go deeper with it, but don’t know how.


:: You are being haunted by past trauma that you know is influencing your life and want to connect and unleash the deeper operating intelligence behind it.


:: You’re an artist, a writer, composer, inventor, innovator, or entrepreneur and desire to explore and cultivate your creative Genius and unleash it in your work


:: You are stuck in a job or a relationship or in your business which is depriving you of experiencing the joy of your fullness and from which you are longing to escape.


:: You feel called to be in ritual with the changing Sun and Moon cycles (as the Ancients were) and utilize those powers in your self actualization.



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If now doesn’t feel like the right time, consider this…

when we don’t access our unconscious and allow ourselves the art of self-expression, stress and problems begin to show up in our lives. By tending to your deeper self now, you’ll begin the work of shifting these blocks and challenges sooner rather than later.


If you’re scared of the dark, think about it this way…

if you don’t address your fears, your hurts, or your past directly, this will show up in other areas of your life, such as bodily illness, mad dreams, stress and conflict in your relationships.


If you don’t consider yourself an artist, don’t worry…

We work with “expressive art” in this program, which does not require any artistic experience. We are freeing ourselves from our left brain and allowing ourselves to “play” and express the energy of our movement and imagination.


If you feel too busy, know this …

what we often are feeling is the imbalance of the extreme left-brain nature of our lives. Our Sacred Wild Creative Genius abides in the wild imagery and expressive body movement of our right brain. By releasing and engaging this force, you unleash the full expression of your Genius. Most of us are hobbling with only half our Genius working for us.



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Your sessions were critical in giving me the strength to walk through this threshold of not knowing if my son would make it.  The night of surgery, I lit candles on my altar, sat on my meditation cushions and held my staff just like I did with you.  I cried and stood and held the staff to help me walk through this.


What a powerful metaphor for walking through this. Your sessions helped me deeply. You are so gifted and so wise, Kathleen!  Thank you!

Sherold Barr, Master Life Coach & Freedom Fighter




As well as unleashing new levels of the sacred wild genius into life for the sheer joy of self discovery and actualization, this program has deeply supported those who were challenged by intense life circumstances…


A dying father

Life-threatening illness of a child

Serious marital conflict

Loss of employment


Traumatic childhood wounding

Overall life dissatisfaction and loss of meaning


In some of these cases, the outer circumstances were inevitable and yet with the intensive infusion of the individual’s sacred wild creative genius, new ways of seeing were awakened which resulted in inner growth and self empowerment.


In other cases, the outer circumstance tangibly changed as a result of the individual’s inward transformation… instead of losing her job, the abusive supervisor was fired. Instead of a relationship splitting up, deep love was reawakened. Instead of loss of her business, a transformation resulted in greater success.


This work makes what is fated a source for deep powerful inner growth and enlightenment… while powerfully shifting and transforming stuck, difficult life circumstances.



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“I love ALL that we covered in this deep and provocative journey together. Your gift for witnessing each of us deeply is palpable. So many shifts have occurred for me as I navigate the turbulent waters of my psyche and the family dynamics that evoke both my brilliance AND my shadows. It s no accident that I entered into this work with you at the time I needed it most. I am dancing with the dark in the light of the moon and I am forever grateful for all that I have learned from you, Kathleen. I know there will be more. ”

Sue Ann Gleason, Conscious Bites Nutrition




Are you ready to explore yourself on an even deeper level than ever before?  To plumb the Sacred abiding in your depths?  To be supported by this part of you? To fashion your legacy?  To experience the great adventure that is discovering you?




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Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius Program


$897 full pay – best deal

(pay with Paypal)



3 installments at $327 (one month apart)






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The Jewel Duo package


If you would like to do some personal one-on-one work during the program, you can purchase the Jewel Duo package which adds two 90 minute embodied arts private sessions to the Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius program.  


In these sessions we work with authentic movement and witnessing to powerfully shift, heal and transform your life.  Read more about these sessions here… Private Embodied Arts Session


This package is suggested for those with specific issues, intractable wounds, immediate life situations which need addressing, or who have a desire to unearth the deepest levels of their wild creative genius.


$1197 full pay – best deal

(pay with Paypal)



3 installments at $447 (one month apart)




[message type=”custom” width=”100%” align=”center” start_color=”#4d1b41″ end_color=”#33112b” border=”#d7acd0″ color=”##33112b”]Since 1998, I have had the deep pleasure of knowing Kathleen, holding witness to her growth and her deepening into the different modalities that are available to tap into our Genius. She is a devotee to unlocking the gifts that reside in our unconscious and bringing into the light that which has gone underground in our psyches.


In my very male-dominated and logic-driven profession of Civil Engineering, I understand the criticality of balancing that aspect of me with its opposite aspect; my creative side, my embodied soulful side. Truly, it is a matter of life and death; living life to its fullest potential or living only half a life.


Since meeting Kathleen, she has facilitated my movement into a Full Life. I continue to be bolstered by her direct interaction with me and by seeing her as a model of what a person dedicated to mining life’s available richness can become. It is truly an honor for me to know and work with Kathleen.


Teresa Herrera, P.E.  Engineering Manager and Seeker of Life’s Meaning[/message]


Everyone has a talent, what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.
~ Erica Jong



My story…


In my early forties, I could no longer bear the confines of life as mother, lover, musician, teacher, and spiritual devotee. I had worked hard and accomplished much in all of these areas — and yet my health began to decline, as did my relationships.


I turned my back on organized spirituality and found myself feeling less tolerant of my children, my partner, my work.


In truth, I felt as though something was calling me. Howling to me. Its wild presence prowled through my dreams. I knew the power of the wild, dark side as I was nearly destroyed by it as a teenager. Yet I also knew its gift: The Jewel in the Darkness. This energy was paradoxically a sacred force. The force of the Self seeking to emerge more fully into life.  My ego was terrified.  And at the same time, I yearned for deeper self actualization.  I wanted to break through the confines of this civilized life, to release my authentic sacred essence and live it — fully alive!


I had birthed enough babies. Now it was time to birth myself. My art. My Sacred Wild Creative Genius.


[message type=”custom” width=”75%” align=”center” start_color=”#4d1b41″ end_color=”#33112b” border=”#d7acd0″ color=”##33112b”]My pursuit brought me to the feet of the wise grandmothers of embodied depth psychology and art expression with whom I did intensive trainings with over the last 12 years:

Marion Woodman and the Bodysoul Intensives training; Painting from the Source teacher training with Aviva Gold;  Authentic Movement training at the  Authentic Movement Institute with Neala Haze;  certification in Creative Expression at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with Jill Mellnick.


These brilliant women taught me to return to the ground of my body.  They trained me in the arts of the bodysoul.  Here it was that I contacted the ‘uncontacted woman’ in the wilderness of my bodypsyche.  Here it was that I learned how to dance with the force of my sacred wild creative genius.[/message]


You can read my full Story here.


Today, I am a transformative artist who has healed, transformed and fallen in love with herself and her life through the Embodied Arts – movement, painting, writing, and music.


I am also a teacher of the Sacred Dark Feminine, as well as a mentor and facilitator, a midwife of the sacred mystery that is YOU. I mentor women in workshops, online groups and programs, and in one-on-one sessions. I teach them how to paint, move, and write their way into discovering and unleashing their most profound, wildly sacred creative self out of the dark material of their lives.


I guide women in an encounter with their indwelling intelligence which exists at the core of their bodypsyches. This is the living force of their Sacred Genius which transforms the most difficult situations, heals traumatic wounds, and guides us into our most meaningful Life.