Happy INdependence Day! particularly to those of us who are reeeeeeeeeeeally working to free our lives and work from the old economies, the old dependence upon someone else for our money and for the direction of our vocations.


On this day of America’s birthday, we are scintillating in the energies of the full moon in Capricorn and its powerful conjunction with Pluto,  who is transiting Capricorn for the next 30 years.


Capricorn is the archetype of ambition, to our social, economic and political landscapes.  Capricorn archetype also relates to our vocation.  Our calling.  With Pluto transiting this archetype until 2024… we will experience the break down of the old ways of our economy and government to come to a whole new paradigm. To achieve the change we need as a world… we need the action of death and destruction… Pluto to breakdown the old so that the new can emerge out of the rubble and ash as a phoenix rising… as uncomfortable as it may be to go through. It DOES feel like destruction, because it is. It ain’t fun. It ain’t nice. It is scary. It hurts some. There IS pain and wretched suffering going on RIGHT NOW in THIS moment. Let us not be so foolish to pretend otherwise.


is the pursuit of our vocation. Vocation does not always mean where we make our money, as the definition suggests:

1. A regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified.

2. An inclination, as if in response to a summons, to undertake a certain kind of work, especially a religious career; a calling.


We are in a revolution that is requiring us to create our economy out of what our intrinisic genius is and what holds the deepest meaning for us. That is where Pluto’s super powers come in. Helping us get there FAST!  To cut through the layers that no longer serve.  Whittling us down to the core of who we are. Ouch. And is that can be PAINFUL!!


It is about hitching these two energies of Pluto and Capricorn together in wild and wondrous ways! This is what Chris Guillebeau is about, whose World Domination Summit I am going to tomorrow in Portland.

He wrote the book, the Art of Non-Conformity.  I first came upon him spring of 2011 through his book and then his website. It was when i saw his website that I had a powerful awakening and realized that my wild creative genius wanted a form like THAT.


It was viewing his web presence and his philosophy of entrepreneurship that wooed me into actually DARING to create a program for working with the Creative Daemon through the embodied arts and do it ONLINE! Most in my field (depth psychology) would say it could not be done and that it lacked integrity to the work (internet is disembodied!). Ugh! So many biases to technology! When I connected to Chris’ depth of character, and then through him Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, et. al., I KNEW the new paradigm was rising from the ashes of our old economic infastructure! WOWZIE! so… my biz you see in this site, and my programs, were originally birthed through Chris Guillibeau’s vision for this new world! Now THAT’s World Domination!!!! Can hardly WAIT to give him THAT tribute… along with big fat juicy kiss and hug!


His encouragement is to gather together your particular skills and talents, your passions and desires… and create your new economy from it. Daring! Audacious! and if you have the tenacity and willpower… along with the stomach for exposure of mistakes and failures…. along with the resilience to keep on going… it will get you there. YOU will get you there!


It ain’t easy, because these vocations don’t look like the usual affairs. It’s down right scary because you are also attached!


Look at mine! Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius… Life Transformation and Empowerment through the Embodied Arts. what?!?! hahaha!


I had to pull back from the word Daimon because too many thought it meant Demon! haha! and though it can feel like that at times, it was scaring too many away.


The challenge for me is how to convey what I see as the fundamental most important pillar of Life, the work with the Deeper Self in language that people will understand, value and be inspired by!


I am a zealot and I know it! And there is a reason for that zealotry. What I feel? is that there is NOTHING more important in life than the work with the deeper Self. This has been my pursuit and journey since I first ran away from home at 14 saying… there is MORE to life than what I am seeing in this paradigm around me. There is MORE to me than what my education is mirroring.


It has been my fundamental drive to pursue the full workings, potentials, intelligence of the human being. I have worked with children for 30 years, as a piano teacher, Montessori school owner and directress, as well founder and creator of the Wonder Child Creative Arts program. Always it was about wooing out into actulization this fundamental deeper intelligence of the human being that isn’t being accessed and realized by the larger society.


My success is legend and I could have continued in that vein

Yet Vocation… your calling… requires you to continue to deepen as you do. My study, training and work in depth psychology and the embodied arts required that I move into this next realm of working with adults, particularly women, the the deeper unconscious. Something most have NO relationship to! no understanding of! And yet is the powerhouse of what the human being is! the great central intelligence! the mysteries, the gods… all housed there… deeply seeded within the human begin.


So… that is MY vocation! to teach you about this, give you a direct encounter and help you develop your own relationship to this vast territory of your Wild Creative Genius… which will place you firmly on your own compass point, your Vocation, your Daimon.

It does include the harsher physical breakdowns, hunger, loss of homes, loss of employment to get to this transformation… both in ourselves and as a world.




In honor of the full spectrum of economies we are working with… I am going to be offering programs that run as low as $30 a month for membership in the Wild Creative Genius Salon…

as well as having one day movement/painting encounters

Multi-media monthly webinars


I light of the recent launch of my new program, I hearing back from some people tha


if you would give some thought to what WOULD work for you. I am considering breaking out elements of my program so that it is not a long more expensive program. Such as..


An afternoon movement/painting process workshop…


A monthly ritual astrology expressive webinar…


Membership in the Wild Creative Genius Salon where you receive specific info about the changing astrology as it relates to YOU…


Being able to ask me personal questions once a week that I could respond to.


do any of those ideas appeal to you? are there any others that would?


It would serve me SO MUCH if you could respond to this (not today!) over the next week. I would give you the first month FREE to the membership!!


Thank YOU love!