Full Moon in Libra – The HeART of Relationship – The Passion of Isis & Osiris

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Full Moon at 8.18 Libra ♎ Sun at 8.18 Aries ♈

The HeART of Relationship – The Passion of Isis & Osiris

The Initiating force of Love – the Mysteries of Committed Relationship
I watched the almost full moon rise last night over the swaying red woods, serenaded by the great horned owls and the tree frogs while awaiting my lover. The energy of this cycle has been building over these last days as the Sun crept ever nearer to its conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Venus, the Goddess of Love.
We are in a conjunction with all three in Aries at 8.18° exactly opposite the Moon in Libra at 8.18°.
Opposites which occur at the moment of the full moon are the strongest tension field we experience in the Moon’s monthly cycle. This tension field provides us a powerful opportunity for the sacred alchemy of drawing our disparate parts together into a new wondrous whole.
Our Full Moon in Libra represents the Aries-Libra Axis of Self (Aries) and Other (Libra) in our astrology charts.
Deep love always draws up the deepest layers of our previous woundings by Love, which is why relationships can be so fraught with hurt and conflict. Chiron is asking us to fully open our wings to Eros and accept this is part of Love’s nature. The Wounded and the Wounding.
Venus, the Goddess of Love and ruler of Libra, holds the balance scales of Justice, calling us to be equitable and merciful. Justice with Compassion. Compassion with Justice
Aries is Nature’s fiery force which drives us to self actualize. It claims itself as MEEEeeeeeeeee with great ferocity! It initiates the season of Spring, rules the first house and thus our birth into this world. It is the Warrior/ess Ego in us who protects our self boundaries.
Libra is the force within us which tempers the fierceness of the ego and its demands to be solely self centered by wooing us into LOVE and committed relationship, recognizing that by this inclusion of Other we are entering into realm that will require sacrifice devotion and a commitment to work with one’s complexes and shadows to support the success of the relationship.
Libra governs all committed relationships… marriage, partnerships, business relationships, committed friends… yes, and known enemies.
Libra’s intelligence provides the means through diplomacy to include all sides of a situation with the willingness to at times compromise one’s sole needs to achieve something that fulfills the greater whole of the relationship.
The thesis statement for this Full Moon is:
How do I stand in myself with clear defined boundaries that honor my self-actualization, while being in a committed relationship with another, protecting their right for boundaries and self-actualization?
Respect. Honor. Compassion. Justice. Commitment.
The potential to be birthed out of this tension field is:
 the Warrioress of the HeART, for Self and Other.
The myth which most closely relates to the Mysteries of Libra is the exquisite Love and Resurrection myth of Isis and Osiris, one of the holy Ancient Egyptian myths.
Like the 7th House Mysteries, the Isis and Osiris myth is as much about the inner mysteries of love with the Self as the outer love mysteries with another.
In ancient Egypt, Isis was among the oldest of the goddesses, the mother and giver of all life. She is a moon goddess, gives birth to the sun, creates and sustains all life and is the savior of all people. Osiris is her beloved husband.
When Osiris is murdered by his brother Seth, Isis searches the world to find his body and with the power of her love magick, brings him back to life.
Seth kills Osiris again, this time dismembering him and scattering his pieces throughout the land. Isis hunts down every piece, except for one, his phallus, the creative force, so fashions one anew out of gold and wax. She then gathers all the pieces together and again with the power of her love for Osiris, re-members him back to wholeness.
One of the ways to view this myth of Isis and Osiris is that there are cycles of renewal and reconnection we go through in our relationships. We may feel as if the relationship has died and and no longer serves us. The key is to look to whether we ourselves are dedicated to the Altar of Love. If we are expecting the flames of passion to come from the other, the fires of love will indeed grow cold.
We each must infuse our heart and passion into a relationship to keep the fires of Love burning, to use one’s wings of Eros to bring it back to life if it has grown cold.
Committed relationship is not for the faint of Heart. It takes a Warrior/ess of Love to fiercely stand for love… for oneself, for the other, and for the sacred third, the relationship…. and for the long run.
Create an Altar to Love. If you are not in a committed relationship, use this moment to reflect on your committed relationship to yourself and to your life, your Daemon.
Create a totem, with elements that represent this relationship, gifts received, letters, and wrap them in material, velvet, anoint it with roses. Bury this bundle deep within the earth,while calling on the support from the Spirits of the Land and our great Mama who loves deep and wholly, to support you in this greater alchemy of the Self.
Do some alchemical writing…
What is occurring in your life and relationships? What was occurring 6 months ago when the Sun was in Libra that relates to this moment in your relationships?
Bring all this prima materia to this moment… your greatest heart’s desires, along with your deepest challenges in relationships.
Dance, paint and sing these forces of Nature into life, inviting them to embody on a whole new level in yourself and with your committed Others.
❤ Bowing deeply to the HeART of the Mysteries of Relationship… and to the WILD nature of your own Sacred Heart. ❤
This exquisite painting done by Artist, Susan Boulet, shows the image of Isis fanning her beloved Osiris back to life with the winds of her Heart.

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