Aquarius ♒ Full Moon Leo ♌ Sun

The Star Heart

“I tell you: one must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” Nietzsche

Luna! Oh Luna! We are dancing in the blessings of your luminescent fullness!

We are dancing in   the energetic field of the full moon in Aquarius. Every full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are at exact opposite degrees = Nature’s force of the tension of the opposites.


This moon is at the tippy end of Aquarius and Leo… and already the moon has slipped into Pisces and Sol will slip into Virgo over these 24 hours.


Our work at the full moon is to reconcile  opposites, weave them together in a new whole… shifting us out of ordinary states of duality, oright/wrong, good/bad… into a New World that is intelligent enough to see and hold and weave together the value of both.


Aquarius. The Revolutionary! Eccentric Innovator. Prometheus! yesssssssss…. steal from the GODS themselves for the needs of humanity. We all know the dark side of Aquarian ruled technologies the terribleness of the climate change that is burning and flooding our world, overwhelming us in plagues and epidemic levels of addiction.


Yet when put in service to the the suffering of humanity, these same technologies have the potential to bend the knee in humility to what we have done wrong and how to right it… aligning the new technologies with the holy nature of the Earth.


Leo, where our Sol is for this last day, rules allllll things creative self expression and PLAY. Tis the radiance of our Sun Star Self! The Wonder Child. Shine baby shine!


Aquarius’ thesis statement is… How can I serve Humanity?  Leo’s… how can I authentically express the wonder of the genius I was born with!


Weaving of these opposites brings us to…

How can my authentic gifts and talents be in service to Humanity? And… How can the world in all of its wonders and travails weave into and through my creative self expression?


For I am THAT and THAT is Me! I am that Nature. I am this World. This Nature is me. This World is me.


We are allll being called by the World Soul. She needs us now more than ever. WE need us now more than ever! Our planet and many of the humans on it are suffering terribly.  She needs every one of our unique geniuses to solve the problem. From Artists who sing ballads of their heart’s greatest longing, to  inventors who  are discovering new forms of green energy, the whole of humanity’s genius = the solution.


The more we understand ourselves and deepen into our personal genius, the greater our gift to the world is.


This night and over the next  days, offer your libations to the Moon, to the Sun,  to the World… calling for the Star of your Genii to be illuminated and find its place in the family of things.


Create an Altar. Place a Heart upon it, Leo’s symbol. A Star, Aquarius’. Find a photo of you as your most eccentric PLAYFUL free self. You as a Child. You as shining on the stage of Life. And place the revolution of your heart which you are yearning to serve upon it.


PLAY in the light of the Moon tonight and in the radiance of the Sun tomorrow day. We are in shamanic ritual alchemical time and space. Hallowed Be Its Name.


Bowing deeply to your Heart Star.


Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
~Mary Oliver