Now I know what you are thinking… I call myself a WITCH and there is allll this chatter about it, especially from the RAVENS! So many images evoked with that word, and thussssss so vital for those of us who use it to define it so that others know what we mean. It’s kinda like saying I’m a WOMAN… and, well, you know there are many MANY different kinds of women, and many who are exxxxtreeeeeeeemely different than I.

So yes… I am about to share one of my precioussssssssss experiential programs with youuuu… one that is FILLED with alllll things WITCHERY of the Holy Wild! for yes, of course it is the SEASON! particularly when the Sun makes its dramatic entry into SCORPIO on the 23rd of October. Scorpio is perhaps the most potent of the powers of the WITCH there is, of course no coincidence that it falls at THIS time of year of all things dark and mysterious of hauntings and halloweenings… of SAMHAIN (what’s that you say?) and The Days of the Dead! Ancestors and Thinning Veils and Black Cats and Chimera Snake Tails!

And why is that? who made the sign of Scorpio? How could all of these magickal things that characterize this archetype gather all things like itself unto itself. Was it a human who designed it? nay nay nayyyyy they are truly only so smart, though Nature they art!

For if you know… or if you don’t, Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto, RULE the Underworld! Descents into the darkness, as Persephone was once dragged there. Hades (aka Greek for Pluto) that bastard who did the dragging and yes, the rape. Scorpio rules SEXXXxxxxxxx and all the mysteries around it, Tantric and the very forces of creation from which this WORLD WAS MADE. So no wonder Scorpio’s tagline is:

LIFE/DEATH/REBIRTH & Transformation through CRISIS.

This IS the Season of the WITCH! We are alllll feeling it witnessing the madness rising from the great below. Venus and Mercury swept into this sign earlier this month, and Pluto, made a dramatic move direct as well.
So yes, the deep scary dark materia is rising to the top. And while it can be amaaaazing to enter in and really create ART out of the dark material of our lives… it really does point to the most difficult stuff… which is why we don’t want to go there. Why we fear it. Our nightmares and those memories of times forgot never wanting to remember.

And re-member we MUST! Remember who we are! WITCHES = those who DARE TO BE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FORCES OF NATURE, KNOWING ONESELF AS SUCH! and like a great conductor of an epic symphony! WE CHOOSE TO DIRECT THE SHOW…. as MUCH as we can! and we CAN a LOT MORE THAN WE HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE.

This Self Knowing and self claiming of empowered nature is instrumental to what we create for ourselves and this world. As Mary Oliver wrote, “our place in the family of things” Of WILD THINGS that roam… of LUNAR Things that cycle through us…. of forces of Nature so powerful that once we encounter them, we are changed forever and can never not know, that thisssssssss of what we are made is the stufffffff of the Universe. Hallowed be its name!

So while some of it can sound terrifying it is no more terrifying than what you are living right now. What you are suffering with. What the world is going through. This dark materia that a Witch works with plays with and turns into ART! The Art of Self & World Creation.

I do so hope you will join me in exploring these magickal very real natural alchemical arts in my program… 13 Rites of the Witch! and yeah, it IS about PLAY of the most delightful kind as well, with some of the most brilliant hearted humans around.

Blessings to allllll at this Disseminating Moon in Taurus.