The Forbidden Ways of the Art Sorceress

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A Painting Journey into the Secret Regions of the Self

Here, when the danger to his will is greatest, art approaches as a saving sorceress, expert at healing. She alone knows how to turn these nauseous thoughts about the horror or absurdity of existence into notions with which one can live: these are the sublime as the artistic taming of the horrible, and the comic as the artistic discharge of the nausea of absurdity.

And thussssss, we enter in to the realm of the Art Sorceress and Her Forbidden Ways into the Holy Wild Powers of Nature.

I invite you into a powerful journey into the realm of the Art Sorceress and the Forbidden Powers

Why would any parts of ourselves or Nature be forbidden? Because of power! The will to power over others put in motion millennia ago by those who wanted control over the gateways consciousness and reality within and without. Within our conscious mind through our conditioning and the curses bound in our ancestral inheritance and wounded DNA. Without from our educational and socio-political systems dependent on the structures that were put in place hundreds of years ago, imprisoning us to a an economic and religious game in service to the ruling powers. 

When an human being is fully connected to their powers of their holy wild nature, they are an indomitable force that has the power to create whole new worlds for themselves, as well as take down worlds. 

While most of us are familiar with this history and these current realities, unraveling, healing, and refashioning our instincts and accessing levels of the unconscious and the transpersonal is a work that must be approached with intention and modalities that go deep enough to liberate and unleash these forces of nature within ourselves.

Join the Forbidden Way of the Art Sorceress

The Painting Experience:

The Painting Rituals occur monthly on the New Moon

You will be invited to explore whatever burning question, challenge, shadow or yearning that lies within your heart. Through myth and astrology we will evoke the dominant astrological archetypes of the season and others in our mids. supported by the astrological archetype of the season. Questions that I and participants have worked with in this process:

What is my Shadow that seeks to be met?
What is my greatest service to the World?
What is my burning purpose? My place in the family of things?
How do I break this ancestral curse I feel bound by?
Where can I find a lover like no other!?
How can I support our planet right now?
How can I support myself?

These painting rites extend over a month period, from new moon to new moon, and include one live session of guidance and painting together. Included are recorded videos to guide you through the alchemical stages to work in your own time and at your own pace.

After you have registered, you will receive your materials list, journal prompts and drawing explorations to prepare you for painting.

This work is rarely taught as its realms are Forbidden because of the depths they go to and the powers that are unleashed It is for Initiates of the Holy Wild, who have been on a long journey with the Self and their Shadows over the years.

Join the Forbidden Way of the Art Sorceress!

I look forward to entering into these forbidden ways with you.
Blessed be, loves! 


**This work does not take the place of professional therapeutic support for mental illness**

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