Dark Eros Salon 


The Invitation

The Invitation

I stand at the brink of eternity.  A rare moment when the earth cracks open and one is invited to enter… to spiral downward towards the center of existence.  A moment in eternity where all realities converge.  There is no time, no past or future, no space… the abode of all being, where one wrestles with the gods, with one’s Ancestors and with one’s Self.

These mythic moments are fraught with dangers and the knowing that one will forever be altered.  Forever be touched with a raving madness that few will understand.  It is a deepening into the labyrinth where in order to proceed one must sacrifice a piece of oneself, cleaving asunder those most cherished beliefs that no longer serve.

If you choose to accept this invitation, you may be seized with a terror of the impending initiation. The only comfort to be found is in the tethering of oneself to the reality of your wild soul and to the battle cry of one’s Ancestors, clothed in the full regalia of the warrior and the veils of the Dark God.

I have accepted… as have you.  Together we enter into this abode, merging our souls as one in eternity.  I am grateful for your presence here.  I hear the song of your honor and courage, and I pay homage to you.

May our wounds run deep and our blood flow strong.  May our hearts break open leaving us vulnerable to the piercing.  And may we have the strength to re-member ourselves when the battle is done.