New Crescent in Virgo ~ Sol 14° Cancer

To those who work with the forces of nature intentionally to fashion their lives and support their loved ones and the World…

I am sure many of you are feeling the energy of this cycle. And while all astronomical cycles have their qualitative energy, some cycles tend to be more magnified. Like at a full moon. Even those who do not think they are influenced by anything nature or stellar, they feel it. All female scientists feel their ovaries throb during the moon cycles. And humans of every gender composed of 90% water feel the pull of that epic force that creates the high tides. Walk into a bar. Look at cop activity. Psych wards. Elderly homes. Children. all respond to these cycles.

Eclipses add another potent level to the primordial brewwww. We are in an energetic field between this last new moon solar eclipse and this upcoming full moon lunar eclipse ???? (don’t you love how that rolls off your tongue? Luna and Sol are spooning pretty hardcore this month!)…

Thisssssss waxing moon eclipse cycle is essentially the moon on steroids! The primordial forces of creation are being steeeeped in a strong brew between these two astronomical events.

What this means for creatives, witches and scientists, is that we have much more energy to access for our work. This includes what we are visioning for the future of our personal lives and the world, which we all know is weaving itself from the stufffffffff of THIS moment, THIS day.

So if I am a music witch, I set the intention to access inspiration to write music – melodies, rhythms, lyrics – that support breakthroughs to deal with climate change. Or as an art sorceressssss, I paint with the intention to acess images that heal fractured psyches. Dances that release the force of Nature’s intelligence to support us in our endeavors with addiction and child abuse.

This is the work of the shamana witch who knows s/he/they are a channel of the holy wild and that the creativity in all its many forms, is a way for this intelligence to unleash and support the greater causes along with the healing and wholing of myself at the very same time.

Inventions and innovations spring out of this collective primal intelligence, and thus if you are a scientist, do all you can to open to the unconscious through your nighttime dreams, metacognitive drawing, movement, really any of the work that gets into the unconscious/subconscious/right brain/creative brain is going to support your breakthroughs.

This is the way we need to be working always. Soon it will be so integrated into our educational system, our businesses our family rituals, that we will look back at this era of sitting at desks regurgitating facts as a serious repression and depression. A completely dumbed down expression of the genius of the human and what it has access to.

We access the depths of our intelligence through our whole body. Movement. Imagination. Senses. Not, sit in your desk and keep still. Or… stop sleeping! we WILL have nap rooms where we can sleep and dream into the sub/unconsious/super conscious realms to solve the intractable problems! find new ways of seeing, perceiving that provide the breakthroughs we are desperate.

So back to this POWERFUL TIME!! USE THE FORCE! We are in the active yang side of the waxing moon, so dreaming is not enough. Create rituals. Paint. Dance. Sound… and set the intention for things you absolutely want to see happen.

You dont’ have to have technique in any of these art forms. The more primal the better. Watch the child. They access the forces of creation every day to create and heal themselves through their wild raw vital improvisation play. Until they are disconnected and dumbed down by the system and forget how.

Let’s all make it soooooo. .

Image: Sol Luna Eclipse Alchemical Ritual Work – Making Magick Brewwwsss with Frida & the Holy Wild

Honey from my hives steeping with wild rose and birch, my ancestral plant and tree. My WInter Spring and Summer stones. Birch wands