THE PORTAL – The Liminal Land Betwixt and Between Worlds

Look to see where 10° Cancer is in your chart (new moon solar eclipse), and then 23° Cancer-Capricorn (Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse). This is the area that is being initiated.

A portal is a liminal time which occurs betwixt and between astronomical events, such as eclipses, or during the three days of the Summer and Winter Solstices. It is the chaos our of which the Dancing Star is birthed. It feel terribly disorienting, and in some cases, extremely difficult and scary.

Retrogrades also create an energetic field or portal. We are presently in a Mercury retrograde, but not only. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are allll retrograde right now. I know that sounds dramatic! Just know this is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year. Every year these large outer planets move retrograde the second half of the year. (Of course retrograde is not the planets actually moving backwards, just from our point of view they are. Something to contemplate that metaphor.) This doesn’t make this event less important, just more part of Nature’s Way and something we have lived with all of our lives.

The portal that I feel is having the most powerful effect on us right now, certainly on me, is the eclipses we are in the middle of. The New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer, which occurred on July 2nd, and the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th.

Tis a time in which circumstances can make us acutely aware of Nature in its Life/Death/Rebirth cycle.Anything that is in your life that is overripe and rotting on the vine, is (for me) being sliced off by my Grandmother’s SCYTHE.

Specifically for me it is hitting the most acute place in my life right now and what is not working in my approach to life/death intractable problems, is being cut away….. OUCH! and in its place, transformation is occurring. I shall seeeeeee if these swift changes are lasting or whether I am just riding the high of my Grandmother’s Scythe energy. And, I am going to do everything in my power to reinforce the GOOD of what is occurring = INTENTIONAL WITCHCRAFT!

I am in the process of creating ritual for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to support the alchemy that is occurring because I do feel that I neeeeeeed to do my part to fortify the changes. I hope you will TOO! I will give some recommendations, yet I feel this one we need to out into nature and work with in the WILDS if possible, or the wilds of our rooms.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred exact on my natal moon, which has everything to do with the primordial WILD Mama force. It’s good,bad,ugly terrifying! don’t-know-what-is-going-to-happen-hanging-on-the-edge of-the-cliff, type sensibility, with a healthy dose of unexpected miracles showing up, like so unexpected I don’t know if I can trust them. I want to so bad. TIme will tell.

And along with that is the difficult material that is intolerable and must be spoken to and lines drawn, boundaries are being culled out! Banshee SCREECH! All in the name of LOVE! not that the other person is experiencing it that way. And the story is not over, we have layers we are moving through up until the Full Moon on Tuesday.

A MAJOR notable ingredient to this already potent brewwwww is that the full moon is going to occur conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 23°. And if that doesn’t make us shake rattle and rolll like the earthquake in southern California, well, then you are made of different stuff than me!
and I don’t mean fear. I mean healthy respect. Pluto represents the Unconscious. We could put the face of Ereshkigal on it. Or Death, literal and metaphoric… but not without the rebirth.

So again… what is happening NOW in your life? If you have nothing dramatic going on, don’t look for it. You could, knowing the potency of the transpersonal forces involved, choose something you want to work on. Otherwise, work on what is presenting itself in this moment… from health to intimacy, creativity, bills, work, spirituality.

There are clues to be found where this eclipse is occurring in your chart, between 10° Cancer and 23° Cancer/Capricorn. (Full Moon will be in Capricorn exactly opposite the Sun in Cancer at 23°).
So yes, how it is playing out is going to be unique to each one, as astrology ALWAYS IS!

There is a WILD Force afoot to support you in wild and wondrous ways. And also, potentially uncomfortable. For some, extremely so.

If you want something to goooooo, to die, to release, this is the time to ask for it if it isn’t happening organically. And if it is happening organically, to fortify that release.

This support is always here, it’s just that this eclipse cycle can get you the place you want to go but is a scary kinda thing, so you need a big push. AND someone/thing to catch you on the other side.

Look to see where 10° Cancer is in your chart (new moon solar eclipse), and 23° Capricorn (full moon lunar eclipse). This is the area that is being initiated.

Depending where and who is there determines how intense this is for you right now. Place your chart below and we can scry together… which will support the building energy toward the full moon lunar eclipse..

whooooaaaa! what a mouthful!

Here is my Death Metamorphosis Grandmother Butterfly. She has her Scythe in one hand. Lilith is on the right side, Her Great Horned Owl perched on her wing. RED Eggs of Creation ready to bust out!