Oh Canada and America too!

and this new age of our INTERdependence! YEAH!

Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman on the American Psyche

BRILLIANT piece and so apropos for THIS DAY when allll sorts of myths and heroic perspectives are being inflated in the pomp and circumstance of this day.

Tis a depth perspective of alllll things patriotic consciousness. I love that Woodman casts her bluegrey-hearted eye to the underbelly of both Canada’s and America’s psyche. A nd while she gives a nod to the americans who fought for their independence from the Mother (the Queen), they haven’t grown through their adolescent stage as a nation. Still in the rebellious don’t-want-to-take-responsibility-for-my-own-shit-and-do-something-about-it stage.

Let’s deepen our conversations around these topics. It IS true that many are… which is why we have a new world beginning to emerge out of the rubble. At the very least if things do end, we ended WOKE. Is that the point? Hopefully not.

As my lover states over and over again, we have all the intelligence and even technology we need now to solve our biggest World climate, starvation, addiction, homeless disenfranchised human problems. The reason they are still out of reach or difficult to get to is due to our socio-political structure which isolates and impedes. So we need to continue to work on breaking down the constructs that bind… as much within ourselves as in the World.

Yeah, and we ALL need to VOTE… so we really can save ourselves and this planet. Just grow up and vote. and vote for those who are going to deal with the climate. Duh.

Marion gave this interview 25 years ago. I trained in her Bodysoul Intensive trainings 15 years ago. We have arrived! We are the change! Let’s shift the consciousness around us with everyone we meet.

We are the embodied scar clan angels, the gods, the humans we have been waiting for.

READ This piece and EAT YE ALL OF IT! Best 4th of July meal ever!

Happy INTERdependence DAY!

Read the Interview here…

Pythia Peay: I’d like to begin by asking you to comment on one of America’s bedrock principles: the “myth of progress,” or the idea of continual improvement.

Marion Woodman: If we’re talking about what is fundamentally wrong in the culture, then for me the whole idea of progress at a material level is false. I believe that if a culture is estranged from art and the theater, and music and dance are no longer working within the context of soul in the culture, then nothing happens. It’s empty: tinkling brass and sounding cymbals. And historically, that’s when a culture becomes decadent, and starts to rot from the inside.

PP: And you’re saying this is because of America’s emphasis on material wellbeing as the primary expression of our myth of progress?

MW: Yes. In addition, America’s quest to become the “ideal” society and the saviors of the world also separates its culture from creativity and the imagination. That is a gross inflation, and it stems partly from America’s lack of courage to accept its shadow side.

Read the Interview here…