Thinking of you… feeling into the deep of this Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Astro Scribe, Dark Eros Diaries

Thinking of youuuuu, feeling into the deep of this moment…

We are in the portal of the Dark Moon… moving towards its conjunction with Sol at 12:16pm, July 2nd, the exact point of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. 

This moment marks the entry into the passsageway of the Wild Mother’s Mysteriessss…. Hallowed Be Her Name.

Cancer is one of the archetypes that represents the Wild Mother in the chart. At this Eclipses, Her face as the Death Mother greets us at the Threshold… asking us for something cherished in return for our entry into Her initiations. 

For some of us, it is not a choice. She comes with her Scythe and cuts Life away from us in one dramatic slice, as my grandmother once did over vast fields of grain with her scythe. She was indeed a death  mother.

For others, She awaits our offering, and worthy it must be. 

While some fear this face of her nature, the Wild Mother’s ways are the full cycle of Life-Death-Rebirth. We have lost our relationship to these ways, and thus fear them rather that lean into the support our understanding and intimacy with death gives us.

In two weeks on July 16th, we will emerge at the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, standing on a new ground of ourselves. It will take the full cycle to the following New Moon in Leo for us to see the fruition and integration of these eclipses.  Mark this moment and reflect back when you arrive there.

These astronomical events are Nature’s way of moving us exponentially through wormholes of growth, ignited by cosmic events. Otherwise our potentialities lie dormant, unawakened, unrealized.

While this may sound as some call it, woo wooooo, we are but Nature and Nature’s instinct is growth, reaching toward a wholeness that is eternally unfolding unto itself. The endpoint is certainly not the goal. It is the organizing principle, like a kaleidoscope of fractals dancing round a centerpoint with each fractal being a vital part of this grand mandalic design. This IS Nature, the Holy WILD at play.

And what does all of this mean for me personally, in this moment with the challenges of my existence that I am facing this day, with these humans, this body, this home and bills, this earth and politics?

It means I source this living intelligence of the Universe to support me to find my way through the chaos and darkness, the suffering. To fortify me to stay with it. To not give up, while facing the truth of how difficult existence truly is.

In many cases, my dance with this intelligence supports new ways of seeing and being which offer up solutions to the intractable problems that I face. In other cases, it is urges me to open to the truth that life is also terrible with horrific levels of suffering occurring on this planet which are not being solved in my lifetime. To stand in the tension of this knowing while at the same time still choosing to live and love passionately, is the fortification our relationship with the Wild Mother Nature offers us. 

This astronomical moment is initiating us which can feel like being cracked open to the most scary vulnerable  places within. The cracks are how the Holy Wild gets in. Only then can it take up more space in our bodypsyches, our lives, in our World.

I continually work on creating space space within for the Holy Wild through my practice of witch yoga, intentional creativity, and seasonal and lunar rituals. The salvation of our existence depends on it. We are not evolved enough to figure out these epic challenges on our own. Who wouldn’t want the forces which have created alllllll in this universe support us with the challenges we face?

And we are this force. We just have to get our cognition and awareness onboard with this truth

The New Moon in Cancer and the following Full Moon in Capricorn, represent the Axis of the World Parents. YIN & YANG. WILD Mother Huntress-Cancer. WILD Horned God Father-Capricorn. Together they represent the sacred marriage, the coniunctio, of these Primordial forces of Creation. 

As my guide into the reemergence of the Holy Wild Ways, Danielle Dulsky, teaches,

This is the Season of Holy Thunder,  the cycle of the Blessing Moon, when we wield gratitude as an energetic force. We become a good fractal of the world we want, and we start to turn our eyes toward the boneyard.”

Hallowed be Her/ His/Their/YOUR/My Names…


How to access this force for our lives…

Create an Altar to Cancer –

Gather images of the Primordial Ocean, Birthing all forms of Life. the WILD Mother who feeds, nourishes and supports us over our lifetime (not to be mistaken with human mothers) Humans who represent this force for us. For some it is female, for others it is male. Others it is Nature itself.

Goddesses, such as Demeter (who has a bad rap for being too attached to her daughter, more lies by the patriarchy!). She is the force of the life death rebirth cycles of life) Iltamar, from Finnish mythology, SHE who was the original Creatrix of all life forms. Tiamat, the Dragon Mother of the sea. Turtle. Bear. Wild Boar Sow... and the myths they are found in.

Mothers you admire.

Gather sea water. Earth from your Mother’s grave, or early childhood home, if it was a good place. If not and you want to alchemize some of that poison, then use it. But you do not have to, unless it is time to shed another layer of that story, and of the curses of the mother who by her course was cursed as well.

And then, your poison. The heavy challenges you are struggling with in this moment. Write them. Paint them. Collage them. Wrap them in velvet. Burn them and place the ash in a vial.

Light a Candle or keep a light on and for 48 hours over the Moon’s phase in Cancer. Write your own spells, evoking support from the Holy Wild. Create a BodyPrayer. Go out into nature, bury things under WILD trees, Supplicate the Ocean. Let the rivers and creeks carry your tears and your pain to its source.

All of these rites and others you are stirred to create open you to become an Oracle of the WILDS. Give you access to information you need. Guidance from the Holy Wild.

And with Cancer, always… the Ancestors are with us. It rules the IC, (lower earth point in the chart) the root into our personal unconscious and the lineage we were born to. While some were themselves the terrible patriarchy that we are now railing against and breaking free from, the primal ancestors were those who knew their place in the family of things. Understood their interconnectedness with the Universe and how they were as vital as the nebular cloud that is eternally birthing stars. Size does not matter. Wise Knowing of the interconnectedness of all, does.

Stir this life in your Cauldron of Self and gift yourself this moment. Source the Holy Wild. Access. And… give back. We are a species after all. Roots connected. As one ails, so do we all. As one rises and heals, so do we all.

Place your chart and stir the alchemy to LIFE! Where does 10° Cancer occur in your chart? What House? What planets are nearby, opposite, or square to?

This is where the Holy WILD is breaking through.



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