Sol 7° Cancer

Luna in Gemini – Balsamic Phase
Mercury 1° Leo
Mars 28° Cancer
Venus 25° Gemini


Solar Eclipse New Moon 10° Cancer – July 2nd, 2019

12:16 PDT


Dear Astro Art Sorceressssesssss!


It has been a long cycle of absence here as I traveled to Phoenixville this month for the last of my 500hr Yoga Witch Trainings with Danielle Dulsky. It was an intensive experience and thus the lack of communication on all fronts of my life.


As those of you who have done depth intensives know, embodied shadow work, along with focused study, takes some time to integrate and even find words to describe what just occurred. Sometimes it requires a whole new language.

I am changed, deepened, shed pounds of weight, gained pounds in consciousness.

For me, it is has been an experience of travelling across space through a wormhole and landing in another dimension of Self. I have found that this is the nature of the Solstices as well, which we have just gone through the Summer Solstice. This is also the nature of Eclipses. All of these astral seasonal events deepen and initiate us over the cycles of our lives. Do you experience this?


And thus we have arrived… here, in the terrain of Cancer, the Moon’s realm and all She rules: the Primordial Ocean. Hormones and their fluctuations over a lifetime. New forms of LIFE. She is the ultimate Creatrix… both in physical form but also in the realm of the Wild Soul.

These realms were never meant to be severed as they are in our society and often in our own perceptions. This is one of the reasons we as a species ail.


The Cancer New Moon occurs this Tuesday, July 2nd. This day also marks a total solar eclipse, which can be seen over the band that covers the southern tip of South America, including the nations of Chile and Argentina.


So yes, another stellar geometric event! One that aligns us with Sol & Luna, and their sacred marriage, their conjunction, as its called in astrology, when both Sun and Moon align at the exact degree in the sign Sol is transiting. These events stir and activate energies that otherwise lie dormant and unrealized in ourselves and the world. Often when they are stirred to life, it causes turmoil for a time.

Some of us have chosen to be initiates of these forces of Nature, and while that doesn’t save us from the turmoil, it certainly supports our sought after initiations, whether we consciously know we are seeking them or not.


Our opportunity is to be aware of these occurrences so we can align our consciousness with them and invite in the unconscious, the dark space which rises up through our body’s primal instincts- our wild soul – and without in Nature, the Holy Wild!  To meet us and infuse us with support, growth, death/pruning, integration of shadow, healing of wounds/schisms with oneself… greater awakening to the full catastrophe, agony & ecstasy that Life IS.

What occurs is very specific to each one, which is why I do find most definitions of what will occur often does not hit the mark of our individual dance with our personal existence.


Let us create an Altar to Cancer & the Moon, and then let us share them! To the WILD Mother! The Primordial Ocean from which we all crawled.

To really take time and space to connect with these forces.

It is a time to do personal mother work, as Cancer rules the Mother, so you can include her on your altar if you feel that pull, only if you do. She is often a doorway into the Cancer Mysteries. We were born from her primordial womb. Most of our personal mothers were terribly wounded by the patriarchy, some abusive to us, so for some this does not feel good or right. Follow your own intuition and what is present in your life in this moment.

This year, I personally hear the cry of the Wild Mother. I feel the urge to place my mother on my altar, for that transformation is a lifelong high alchemy and she was certainly made from the stufffffff of this wild earth. And yet the personal mother work is not what is driving me in this moment.

What is driving me, as I hear it is for many, is the force of the Wild Mother herself! this World, and all that live upon it, in these urgent times we are now living. I perceive we are being called to take up our lives very seriously. This includes all the realms, starting with our relationship to our bodysouls, in our relationships with each other, the earth, a garden, the children, our homes, our practices, activism…. and on the list goes. We could go round the chart, which represents the Self, and use it as our checklist.


The WILD Mother is urging us to take our place in the family of things.

To seize our self worth! Value ourselves. To KNOW we have arrived. We have crossed the threshold of our maturing. S/HE needs us more than ever to be fully in ourselves. Listening, like Inanna, to the cries of the outcasts and exiled ones in our beings and in our World. Bring them home.


Danielle Dulsky taught us from some powerful new works, one being Pleasure Activism: the Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Brown 

How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Author and editor adrienne maree brown finds the answer in something she calls “pleasure activism,” a politics of healing and happiness that explodes the dour myth that changing the world is just another form of work. Drawing on the black feminist tradition, she challenges us to rethink the ground rules of activism. “


Feeling pleasure in what it is to be ALIVE in this WILD BODY even while I work to seize back this earth and myself… and my relationship to all: human, animal, plot of earth. Food. The beauty that surrounds me. To be mindfully awake as I move with urgency to support the emergence of greater consciousness which is occurring at this time.

We are the Holy WILD’s midwives. To us it has been given to live LIFE in this full spectrum catastrophe more awake than most. This includes all of what existence IS, rather than what we wish it to be. To revel when we can. To fight when we must. To love and delight in the sensual pleasures of what it is to be alive.

ahhhhhhh… okay… out breath.

May these words serve. They are my own musings. I would love to hear your own.

Where does Cancer span in your chart? Where is Sol, now at 7° Cancer? what is there natally? opposite? and where will this New Moon/Sol occur for you at 10° Cancer?