“In Esoteric traditions, the nervous system is the key to opening our ancient eyes and seeing deeply into the truth of who we are. The nervous system must be able to take the electrical current into the body, transduce the high energy and fit it inside the body, and let the body evolve and nurture itself on this high energy that is consciousness.”

Nature’s Book of Gemini’s Secrets, by K. Luna Prophet



Gemini – Mercury & Allllll things NERVOUS SYSTEM

Who would like to paint their Holy WILD Nervous System with me? haha! wheeeeeeeeeee!

It was remarkable to see my nervous system turn on so exactingly at the very moment both Sol and Mercury conjunct landed at 0° Gemini. With a bolt of LIGHTNING I was AWAKE! Energy racing through my nervous system, gut brain pulsating, breath quickening, thoughts racing… there was no way I was going back to sleep.

I didn’t know at that point what was happening astrologically. I only knew that this hadn’t happened for some time. It hearkened back to previous locked in ptsd looping in my system. Then it happened again the next night. Okay, something’s up, I realized, and pulled out the chart of the moment… and saw whooooo was stirring up trouble. Double trouble!

Mercury rules Gemini and they BOTH rule the Nervous System… as well as the MIND! Our thinking function! How we think! How do you think?

When you ‘think’ about it, what is thought? but electrical impulses firing in the language area of the brain. the faster they fire, the faster the thought. The faster they fire, the faster we talk! run! dance! FIGHT! flight! Yeah… it’s pretty responsible for every action there is.

In these more acute moments breathwork doesn’t work, neither does meditation. Yoga does, but it’s not something I like to do at 3am because it is energizing, except for a few asanas which don’t quite meet the intensity my nervous system needs to release.

Throughout the last 20 years I have learned that these events are very Muse directed… which I discovered when I finally gave myself to the pen in the middle of the night and out came a downpour… first an unearthing of what was roiling in my subconscious, and then down deeper I spiraled, and that was when the voices began to emerge. The Witches and Wise Shamanas, the Crones and Counselors, the Mischief Makers and the Ragers. All clamored to be heard! and some demanded an image.

So I’ve learned that sleeplessness is not alllll that it’s made out to be. We stuff our shit in our subconscious and our gold even deeper in the unconscious. When I engage in a flow activity like this… my subconscious flows out, and even perhaps more vitally… the deeper knowing self shows up.

I am the canary in the mine. Take me on a walk and I will be the first to see the rattler, or rather my body will. Or smell the white gas, or mold or hear the engine doing something off. It is also why I write and talk in a flow…. so yes, have learned to use it to create in my life.

But when it hits like this, it feels closer to panic… and it takes off on its own, my gut aches from that clenched pulsating activation, much like when I was a child, zapping me with electricity, as my father did by his presence!

He was indeed a Lightning BOLT (image for Uranus) and I was his energy rod…. so yeah… when it starts doing that it starts to draw up all the ptsd from childhood when my nervous system was formed in the realm of the terrifying giant… then later in my life, in the realm of the terrified mother at all the dark mayhem threatening my child.

What is fascinating to think about is our nervous systems are shaped during the first 6 months OUT of the womb, by the environments we inhabit, so it will adapt to that environment in true ways for its survival. If you are an Inuit, you are going to need different nervous system responses to your environment than if you live in the Amazon. If you are living in a violent household, you are going to need different survival responses than if you are living in a very safe and quiet home.

Mamma Nature and the Body is AMAZING! Our own protective sheath! …. it’s just tricky when it is a little extreme, but as you can hear once I understood its true nature, much has been realized through my nervous system just the way it IS. Holy Holy Holy WILD!

How much can we reshape it? I don’t know. I know I don’t always have my gut clenched as I discovered at 40 and realized it had been that way pretty much my entire life! I am sooooooooo much better now! and particularly when I am in the FLOOOWwwww. But woman! when it HITS BOOM! it takes control.

Some think you can reshape it completely! I am not so sure about that. I think our best hope is to know the animal we are and make super power out of that!!


I do hear one of my mentor’s words like a mantra… “and what is underneath that?” And I think, what IS underneath my nervous system? What IS underneath these activated responses? and that has me so CURIOUS! because you know what I think is underneath my super ACTIVE nervous system? is my Secret Garden!! Very safe, where jewels and treasures and wisdom wise ones, even my holiest of WILD Shamana Self, lives. And that makes my heart thump and tears well up in my eyes…. She IS here! and there. When I drop into that place, I am home! When I am zip zap zowwwwwing! She is there!

It seems that all of the embodying creative acts I engage in bring me to this place. When I am in the flowwwwwwwww… the Self in all her Wild Wonder, is here. All the other… all the activity… is driving me hoooooome.

I am going to paint and move it today, ride it like a UNICORN, use the raw wild force of my NATURE to carry me into the deeper dimensions of my Wild Soul.

Tell me about your nervous system?

Image – My Nervous System turning on in the middle of the night – drawn when turned on in the night