Altar to the Shadow Goddesses ~ Under the New Crescent Blood Moon in Scorpio

MEDUSA 2° Scorpio
Venus Retrograde in Scorpio – October 6 to November 17th

A Novena to Venus, Medusa, Persephone & alll things love relationships, the alchemical casting of shadows, the honoring of the Ancestral Love Scars.

VENUS is retrograde in Scorpio for 6 weeks (5.5 now!), the sign of the WITCH and MAGICK. SHE is now conjunct transiting PERSEPHONE, the Queen of the Underworld. MEDUSA has joined them both in this realm of the Shadowland of Scorpio.

Tis time for ritual and spellcasting, as well as breaking the cords that bind us as it has to do with all things LOVE, and HATE, specifically as it has to do with the Beloved, the inner and outer LOVER. The Horcruxes placed in this realm either by our own doing/undoing, or by karmic ties and past lives, or the tired old but deadly pathological patriarchal liiiiieeeessssss, are being BROKEN dissolved, burned, and whipped round during this cycle of purification rites under the auspices of the HAG and the BLOOD MOON – which began at the Dark New Moon in Libra and will carry through to Dark New Moon in Scorpio, November 7th.

VENUS, the FORCE OF LOVE is a powerful force in the Universe, perhaps THE most powerful. Like Gravity, though she may not be seeeen by the naked eye, SHE is much more than some ethereal creature. S/HE has full BODY and chemistry! Primordial hormones which induce non-ordinary states of awareness = ROMANCE! Sexual dessssiiiiiire! There is no question that when LOVE is present, so is the creationary MUSE. The FORCE of ATTRACTION drives humans insane! And thus the powers we must learn to work with and bow down to.

The Dark Goddesses each are themselves this force of LOVE. In their myths… Medusa, Lilith, Persephone, Kali, Ereshkigal… in each we hear the presence of an intense relationship with LOVER, and… those who drove against those loves. It is in every tale! Medusa and her Lover Poseidon… not the one the Greeks would have us believe. His pre-Greek form was Hippios, the Horse deity! and Medusa chose him! Persephone and her chosen lover the Underworld, not the Greek’s version of one who was raped against her will, but the one who CHOSE HERSELF by making LOVE to her OWN and the World’s underworld NATURE.

During this time it is VITAL to be PRESENT to HER! for if we spurn Aphrodite, she has a way of making her transit in this sign more challenging! Yet rather than threat! I would prefer to woooooo you in like the Lovers you are! Because the POTENCY of MAGICK here is GREAT.

I invite you to enter in and create an Altar to this FORCE and these many extraordinarily potent goddesses who have joined with her here. Gather LOVE odes and gifts, first to HER! to Her in YOU!, flowers, essences, candles, journal paper, pens, paints…. your creations! your passions! and make Her your GODDESS for this Cycle.

In Scorpio SHE points us to the dark shadows of LOVE and encourages us to turn these over from below… the subversive nature of the feminine… to turn over the dark material and make black gold out of it. Retelll the stories! Rewrite your myth. Who IS this one in you? who LOVES and desires? Who is the one in you who chooses? What and WHO are you choosing?

Lavish yourself in dark garb and jewels. See yourself as the WITCH you are and PLAY here as magickally as you can! You can tell others its Halloween if you don’t want to explain why the cloaks and black sparkles and nails and blood dripping from your teeth! SPLURGE on the Dark! Make your wand! candles with jewels and essences in them which you then light EACH DAY for a Novena – a mediation honoring prayer practice to Venus, Persephone, Medusa.

Create your SIGIL made from the synthesis of your ASTRO elements ~ Venus, your natal sign she is in. Scorpio. Make one for Medusa. Persephone! Weave these together in any way you desire. Or if you prefer, create the SIGIL in the traditional way using their Names: Medusa-MDS Venus-VNS Persephone-PRSHN

Mark you SIGIL on your Body, on your candle, in your journal.

And the most important, is to write your Love Letter to S/HE… to honor her as you would in a temple of Aphrodite, and ask her to support your desires. Look to the future to see them as so! Name them thusly in the present tense. We are rewriting our destinies, seizing them back from the lies superimposed.

Over this next days, I will guide you in the Shadow work. We must be grounded in our ROOT of SELF and HEART to enter into this territory. Make your LOVE OF SELF your Staff of Power. Replace every negative thought about your self love with an empowering one. If you need help in seeing yourself… come to this altar and we will help you!! All of us must see ourselves through a new true lenses. Look to what you project on those you love for a clue to you. What is it in them that you love? For you could not see that unless it lived in youuuuuuu.

Do not wait for this cycle to be over. I invite us all to enter into a Novena with Venus, Medusa! Persssssssphoneeee!!! to tend to their YOUR NATURE… and be supported by the Holy WILD.