And what are these Rites, you ask? A Holy Rite of the WITCH is a ritual, a practice that one engages in with whole bodysoul presence. When this act is done with intention, devotion, and focus, on the WITCH, it unleashes the intelligence of the Holy WILD in oneself and in one’s life.

And whooooo is the WITCH? The WISE One of the Holy WILD, of course! the FIERCE force of instinctual Nature itself! The force which drives towards creation! Towards growth. Towards healing. And at times, towards destruction.

SHE is found in fairy tales… .and lives in the darkest regions of the forest. She is the oldest, craggiest, at times even most dangerous. She meets the truth of existence as it IS and because of that, is able to unlock the keys of what to do and be in any given moment. To face LIFE. To be with Death.

She is not fooled by self deceit. Nor is she as cruel as she may at first appear to be. She is the North Wind that cuts and freezes to death. And she is the snow which protects and insulates from that icy death.

There are many faces of the WITCH and one IS Hag… while another is Lover like no Other. We will be wooing forth her many faces. The Playful One. The Holy Laughing One. The WILD Seductress and the Art Sorceress. You will know her by the transformation you experience in her presence. You will know her by the return of your power and intelligence unto yourself.

Just remember, to approach this Holy WILD One with honor and respect, otherwise yes, She will feel like a curse, but mainly because you yourself have cursed yourself with your lack of respect for your true nature.

Hallowed Be Her/Your Name.

Here is the link to read more about these Holy Rites of the Witch…

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