Wow. What a tumultuous last few days.

Are you feeling it? the shifting forces of Nature? I am. The ground under my feet is shifting… changing… deepening. So much emotional chaos over these last days. Swirling and whirling.

Losing myself in my shadows… cracking me open to their heart. Awakening me to their need to be brought home to the heart of meeeee, where they belong.


We are dropping into the heart and heat of Summer. The Sun is moving into Leo this night, Whenever the Sun deepens into a season, the archetypal forces we experience change. It is important to know where we are in the season, otherwise the forces of nature can feel overwhelming and cause us to believe things are going all wrong.

Mark this time. Know the landscape. When I do, I can lean into the forces of nature in my midst to support me in this next phase of my life.

There are many radical forces at play in this moment. Look to where 0° Leo occurs in your chart. Also look to where the gaggle of planets and asteroids in Cancer are occurring in your chart, opposite transiting Pluto in Capricorn. With Saturn at the last degrees in Scorpio, much deep material is being brought to the fore.

Hold fast to your heart, and offer compassion to yourself and to each other… is my mantra.

Image – The Reddening of the Fires & Heart of Leo