Dark Moon in Gemini

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Blessings of the Dark Moon in Gemini!

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I was awakened by the WILD blustering winds this morning!! Ah yes, we have moved into the energetic field of the Dark Moon in Gemini! Both Sun and Moon are now in this sign and will merge in their sacred marriage at 25° Gemini, Tuesday, June 15th, at 1:05pm PDT.

Wheeeeeeeeee! How I LOVE the powerful force of the Dark Moon and its alchemically RICH fertile energies to do our ‘work’ in.


For me, the most powerful use of Astrology is how we are using it… to give us a deeper understanding of our psychology, the dance between our conscious and unconscious, and most importantly, learning how to weave and embody these archetypal forces for healing and transformation of ourselves, our lives, and the world.

Gemini ♊ is ruled by Mercury ☿ and Mercury is the Messenger of the *Gods*, a psychopomp – a guide of souls to the land of the dead (LOVE that word!). Only Mercury ☿, or Hermes as the Greeks called him, could travel betwixt and between worlds. From Olympus to Earth to the Underworld and then, very importantly, back again.


Only he could carry the thoughts of the frontal cortex (Jupiter-Zeus), into the emotional mammalian brain (Feminine Earth-Gaia), into the primal affect of the Underworld (Pluto-Hades), and return with the understanding and wisdom from the deeper realms to be synthesized and made into greater consciousness.

This dance between worlds touches and transforms the conscious mind with the intelligence of the primal instinctual self. We come into *right* relationship with WILD nature, while learning to master and work with the drives which can threaten to take us out.


Gemini ♊, is a Mutable sign, changeable, perhaps the most fickle of alllll. Tis the last sign of the season of Spring! Mercury and Mars are also transiting Gemini and thus all things Air and the Winds of Change are with us this day and over these next few!   Connect with this element of Air. Your breath. Your twin lungs. The winds. The creatures that fly upon it.. the swans, the wild geese, the bees, the monarchs… and our thoughts that can either imprison or liberate us.

Look to where these events are occurring in your chart and flow write below to get more fully in touch with these forces within and without.



Creating your Gemini Dark Moon/New Moon Altar



Gather items for your Altar. This doesn’t have to be done all at once. Remember that a Dark Moon/New Moon initiates the Moon’s next 28 day cycle, so you can continue to gather things over these next days and weeks as they are stirred into your awareness.   Upon my altar I have gathered my Gemini Dark Moon Painting from last year (posted painting!), along with my two precious stone Dragons (air) and their eggs, two candles (air & fire), a large flask of water, and shells in preparation for Cancer and Summer Solstice. I also have gathered earth from a special spot to complete the four elements which should always be present on our Altars… Fire Air Water Earth. If you are out in Nature tomorrow, gather anything which calls to your Gemini imagination.

The most important elements to include on your Altar is what is in your life right now.This is the material for your alchemy. Your pain, your struggles and challenges, your joys, your hopes and dreams. Yes, all of you.


You can do some journaling, or just write a word to represent each. Place a a bill, a letter, a manuscript, a photo of someone you are concerned about, your medication. All of it is the sacred prima materia, the Mystery of You!   Then engage in the embodied arts… authentic movement, expressive art, stream-of-consciousness writing, and witness to the powers of your psyche weaving together with the powers of nature… and be supported and transformed!  

The Gemini Myth

Leda and the Swan

According to Greek legend Leda was Queen of Sparta, married to King Tyndareus. One day she was bathing in a stream when a handsome swan floated up to her. The swan was none other than the Olympic King of the Gods, Zeus. He had fallen for the beauty of Leda. He became Leda’s lover and she produced a two exquisite blue eggs, from which were hatched four children, two belonging to Zeus and two to her husband.   Zeus’s children were Helen, the most beautiful woman on earth, for whom the Trojan war was fought and the hero, Polydeuces. The children of the human King Tyndareus were Clymnestra and Castor, who were eventually made into the constellation Gemini.

What this myth reflects to me is that these were two forces of nature colliding together. Leda was a Queen of Sparta and at least as I have understood the Spartans were POWERFUL and the women no less, and she could have easily taken out a swan. A Zeus Swan? well, perhaps not.


There is much to suggest that her union with Zeus was to seize her own powers out of this force of nature. Myths can indeed be understood socio-politically and as you know I have suggested that these ones of the gods raping in myth have to do with a patriarchal tribe/culture taking control of a matriarchal culture. At the same time, they represent a personal force of nature moving, and like a dream, we do need to own each part… even while owning may not reflect a ego/conscious part, but a force of nature.

Where I feel the energy is in seizing my sexual energy out of my unconscious nature. Owning my desire. My power. And bearing my twins… in the masculine and feminine. Dark and Light.


~ Leda and the Swan ~
W. B. Yeats, 1865 – 1939

A sudden blow: the great wings beating still
Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed
By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill,
He holds her helpless breast upon his breast.

How can those terrified vague fingers push
The feathered glory from her loosening thighs?
And how can body, laid in that white rush,
But feel the strange heart beating where it lies?

A shudder in the loins engenders there
The broken wall, the burning roof and tower
And Agamemnon dead.
Being so caught up,
So mastered by the brute blood of the air,
Did she put on his knowledge with his power
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?



Join me and others in a ritual month of dancing with the sacred wild creative forces of Nature… Dark Moon in Gemini and Sun’s ingress into Cancer, the primordial Mother of all forms.


The forum will open in the Dark Moon phase on June 17th and stay open all the way through to the Dark Moon in Cancer on July 17th. We will engage in rituals and embodied arts over the Summer Solstice weekend which can be done at any time. Our works are placed in the forum and explored, worked with PLAYED with and witnessed as it/we actively unfold through our dreams and creative works.   There will be another ritual on the Full Moon in Capricorn and we will end with one on the Dark Moon in Cancer. While I encourage you to enter in at this Dark Moon, you can enter in anytime over this month and engage with the recorded rituals and your creative material at any point. This work is remarkable.

To read more about this event and to register for it, click on the link below.




Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.40.56 PM

Dear Friends,   As many of you know, my son Laurence is a singer-songwriter-guitarist and has led his own bands and produced and edited his own music videos as well. He has just entered the Indi Talent Discovery contest with this song from his solo project. It’s one of my favorites! It’s called, Mexico!!

Would like to ask you to support Laurence in his musical endeavors by voting for him in this contest. Just click on the video and sign in with your Facebook account to vote. Or.. sign in with a password, your email is confirmed, and then you can vote.


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Laurence has been a dedicated Artist for many years now. His efforts are worthy of support. Thank you!


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