Leo & the Fires of Creation

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Astro Scribe, Dark Eros Diaries

Moon shifting into Scorpio in its waxing 1st Quarter Moon Phase


Self Portrait with Hummingbird 1940

Sun 0° Leo
Mercury 0° Leo
Venus 0° Virgo


Ahhhhhh the sacred WILD forces of Nature are on the mooooovvvve today! Sol and the Messenger of the gods, Mercury, are in an exact conjunction ~ (merged with each other) at 0° Leo!Things are HEATING UP in the fires of the Heart, which this sign rules.

Venus has also just moved into the Earth sign of Virgo ~ the Woman Unto Herself, calling us home to love and tend to the powerful magic residing in our bodies.


Pluto retrograding in Capricorn continues in an opposition with Mars in Cancer, releasing old wounds through conflict seeking to be healed and transformed. And Saturn is retrograding late degrees.

Scorpio in a trine with Mars and close enough to be in a trine with the Sun and Mercury… urging us to take the dark material rising and work it as the Sacred Alchemists of the Psyche we are.


This evening the Moon shifts into her waxing 1st Quarter Moon phase in Scorpio. The Quarter Moons are in a 90 degree square with the Sun, creating a rub for us to move out of our comfort zones to dare to do to say and to beeeeee who we really are. Yeah, and with Mars as Scorpio’s co-ruler with Pluto, watch for what spills out of any conflicts you experience… whether with yourself or with another.

Held within their core is a hidden jewel we need for our growth.


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! And that is just some of the astro weather this day! So if your life is feeling a bit WIlD and unruly, know you are indeed aligned with the sacred wild forces of Nature who are here to support us at this time of our lives.

My practice? Embrace the full catastrophe! For out of it is sourced the material for our Art of Self Creation.



The Yang force of Leo is a very dramatic shift from the deep feeeeeeling yin waters of Cancer we have been experiencing over this last month, connecting us to our roots, our ancestors, and the primordial origins from which all life was birthed out of.


Drama is Leo’s middle name.

The Sun rules Leo and they both rule the 5th House of Creative Self Expression. Whereas Cancer’s creativity is formed in the deep of the self hidden away from others like a pearl within an oyster, Leo’s impulse is to reveal itself to all! to be seeeeeen! It is relentless in its pursuit to create… and PROUD of its creations! Look at ME! Look at ME!! its pulsating drive within us cries!! And depending on how we feeeeel about exposing our creative expression, determines how shadowy this sign is for us.

Our parents were told that “pride cometh before a fall…” and we are all having to wrestle with and cast off this tired old meme. And yes, there is a nuance to healthy pride which each much discover.

We have positioned creativity for the stage, the galleries, the headlining in concerts. Yet what the archetypes of Leo with its ruler the Sun, and the 5th House inform us is that creative expression and having it witnessed is a natural and necessary drive for the health and well being of wholeness for all human beings.


Leo is not only the archetype of creative self expression! It rules PLAY! and the Art of Romance. Tis the element of FIRE! Hot! Passionate! Unruly temperament… which is often seen in tempestuous love affairs. Our inner Wonder Child lives in this House = the source of our sacred wild genius.

Do you remember the time when you dressed up before family, friends and neighbors to perform your plays, freely share your art, sing your songs without self consciousness, and cried… look at me! look at what I can do!?


And then we went to school and were judged and graded for our drawings, told we could only act if it was part of the school production, told we could not sing, and that following a career in the arts had no value because it couldn’t be counted on for a regular paycheck. “Do something sensible! Become a doctor!” So we dropped our artistic pursuits and a vital part of our intelligence died along with it.

In some cultures, music is regularly performed on the streets and everyone dances before they can walk.


They place their art on the walls of their home, fashion their own pottery to eat from, decorate their bodies for rites of passage and everyone plays an instrument.

Creativity is valued as central to the health of the society.


Everyone participates. Whole villages are known for their drum making, their weavings, their dancing. Some make their livelihood from it, yet all participate because it supports their relationship to nature’s sacred function of creativity which enhances all areas of their lives.

We have killed the creative drive in this culture by suggesting that only ‘some’ are artists.


Those who have the mark, parents who are famous, who have the ‘gene’. Yet the gene is in every human being. Creativity is the fount from which human beings are replenished, guided, and made whole. It is sourced by Shamans and Artists alike. It is also sourced by children and healers, bakers and writers, gardeners and builders.

Treat your creativity with respect. Value it. Give it time and nurturance. Know that by thus doing you will enhance every other part of your life. Your business. Your relationships. Your sense of belonging. By inviting the creative force into your life in what feels like small ways, you will be unleashing your deep sacred wild genius in to support you in all ways.


* * *

Ode to Leo


Go to the art store. Get a roll of paper and cover a wall with it. Get some tempura paint… the stuff you used in kindergarten… and put on music, or don’t… just MOVE your body like the Wild Criatura that you are and choose the colors that delight your eye. Take brushes or hand prints or body prints and dance your mark upon that paper, while you drum and shake your rattles and roll!
Bring your shadows home. Paint your demons. Write poetry out of your suffering. Sing your rage. Your passion. Follow the WILD urges of your inner wonder child who desires to create for the sheer joy of it! Follow this thread and it will lead you into the heart of your sacred wild daemon… the creative force of your original nature.


Paint like you are going to burn it. Dance like NO one cares how you move. Pound on the drum to the rhythm of your heartbeat. You will unleash the creative wild force of your nature… and your WILD beauty and unique genius as a human being WILL SHINE!

Your Life and the World will be transformed.

The link below is my Ode to Romancing your Daimon… in honor of Leo, the Sun, the 5th House… and your sacred wild genius.

Romancing Your Daimon – Your Sacred Genius


Devote yourself to the Fires of Leo this month… and to your Sacred Wild Creative Nature.

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