An Invitation to the Rites of Spring

by | Mar 15, 2015 | Astro Scribe, Dark Eros Diaries

An Invitation to the Rites of Spring
~*~Initiation By FIRE ~*~


“The terrible Beauty of Nature renewing itself, breaking through the earth!” ~ Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring


Unleash & Embody the sacred wild forces of Spring Equinox for Purification and Renewal

Join me in an ecstatic RITE of Spring! Beginning online next Wednesday, March 18th PDT. Through astrology, shamanic painting, shadow and nature play, ecstatic writing, embodiment ritual, and witnessing… we will unleash and embody the energies of the forces of creation, SPRING, into our lives, our revolutions, our World.

Program begins Wednesday March 18th, 2015, with the opening of a private facebook forum. You will receive your Spring Equinox Astrology chart with guidance on where the initiating forces of Spring are specifically occurring for you. The other rites we will be engaging with:


  • Creating a personal Altar in a private facebook group to engage in a depth process and be witnessed. 
  • A live webinar on Thursday, March 19th, at noon PDT, with teachings on the secret Rites of Spring and the astrological archetypes presently with us, igniting these archetypes into consciousness.
  • Awakening your Wild Criatura ritual on Friday
  • Live online shamanic art/painting on Saturday
  • Guided Nature Play, stream-of-consciousness writing and witnessing
  • A live embodiment ritual on Sunday, March 22nd at noon PDT
  • The Forum will stay open for one week afterward so we can post our work and have it witnessed.
**All events are recorded for you to download, if you are unable to attend the live events.**
Suggested Donation: $80. If you cannot afford this and would like to participate, I invite you to donate what you can. You can make the donation for the ritual here:

Paypal donation link:



SPRING is frantic! The Maenads are out!
Dancing in the WILDS
to the throb of our hearts.
Passions igniting in the Sun’s rising heat.


UP from the underworld I gooooo!
Are you ready?
If you think you have control, oh no!
Consciousness still swims in the deep Piscean sea
with Mercury flailing about
And Chiron continuing to crack us open
to Neptune’s collective agony


SPRING! Aries’ Initiation of FIRE! 
Oh Passion of delight! 
The driving force of zoe, 
the burning bush of Light! 
Tis been a long journey through the labyrinth of Night
Time to seize the rising forces, 
And ride the fire dragon into Life!


Seize the day! the moment!
the forces of Nature before they seize me
Play in their WILD ecstatic revelry
Throw our crosses in the fire!
Drink the blood of our desire!
Tis the God/dess of Spring
offering up Her Body for our rite!


Rite of SPRING! 
Is that Pan’s flute I hear wooing? 
Lunar cacao bunnies 
Red scintillating eggs
WILDlings and howlings and the Satyr’s gaze
These are a few of my favorite things…
the Self Fertilizing RITES of Spring!


Spring Equinox Blessings to all! And to all a good LIGHT!

(c) Southwark Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

The Maenads by John Collier

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