Full Moon in Taurus: From Revolutionary Lips

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De Armouring

◯ Taurus ♉ Full Moon: Thursday, November 6th, 2014, 2:23 pm PST

Sun at 14.26° Scorpio ♏, Moon at 14.26° Taurus ♉
Venus ♀ at 16 ° Scorpio ♏


And thus,
the revolution will start with a sigh,
whispersoft, and lifted from the lips
by a lover who worships at the hips
of the goddess
~Amy Palko, From Revolutionary Lips


I’ve been in an ecstatic revelry carried by Luna’s intensifying force. I felt her shift into Taurus this afternoon rippling through my entire body, stirring me to LIFE! Play! In love trysts with friends! Tomorrow, Thursday, November 6th, at 2:23 pm PST, she blossoms into her fullness in a hot passionate tango with the Sun in Scorpio. Ole!


And WE are being initiated! Swept up into their scintillating LOVE tryst!!


Each full moon gifts us with an experiential encounter of nature’s living energetic field of opposites. The Sun and Moon position themselves at exact degrees opposite each other in the heavens. The force of these opposing energies in nature stirs the dark (unconscious) material in our natures to life… causing challenges to come to the surface relevant to the archetypes the Sun and Moon are in.


These challenges can show up through conflict and overwhelm, dark emotions and wild passions… ecstatic heights and plummeting depths.


The potential held within this wild dance of nature and the challenges it evokes, is when we become conscious of our dark material and choose to engage it in ritual and embodiment practices, it gifts us with growth and a deepening actualization of our Wholeness… every time.


With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, we are being initiated into the Mysteries of the Embodiment of Love. Venus, the Goddess of LOVE herself, is merged in a conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio, infuuuuuusing this elixir of Love with her intoxicating powers.


Taurus is the great Sensualist. Full unbridled PLEASURE in our LUSTY animal body! Revelry in our SENSES! DELIGHT in our naked flesh… fingers wound in our lover’s hair. Aromas of wafting flowers and evocative perfumes. The savoring of strawberries dipped in decadent dark chocolate. The symphony of our lover’s breath against the backdrop of the midnight song of the mockingbird. The first sight of the rising blood orange Moon.


While Taurus revels in its physical existence, Scorpio makes us powerless before our erotic sexual nature and our all consuming desire to fully merge with Other. Through this fusing we are transformed.

The fires of LOVE are intense and its nature unearths all of our woundings by love so they can be healed. Scorpio also exposes the hidden curses planted deep within our psyches which have bound us.


The dark curse so many women are imprisoned by is the negative perception of their personal beauty and self value, and the low self worth which stems from it. Beauty, self value and self worth, are ruled by Taurus, Venus and the 2nd House.

I have worked with enough women to know there is an epidemic of self hatred as it relates to our bodies and our self worth.


We have been tricked. We have taken on the self loathing distortions our parents held for themselves. We have imbibed the negative sexual conditioning from the repressive socio-political culture we grew up in. We have unwittingly made their self value and worth our own. Their perception of beauty, our standard. Their sense of who we are, our identity. And because of these distortions, we are ailing.

We are loathing ourselves and our sexuality rather than reveling in our exquisite nature.


Venus as nature informs us that Beauty IS important! She wants us to feeeeeeeeeeeeeel luscious! Luxuriate in herbal baths and don dresses that evoke our sensuousness. Venus and Taurus tell us that in order to evoke these forces in our lives, we must treat them/US/our bodies like the living temples they are. You hate your body… Venus will fleeeeeee. Taurus’ genius in the senses will be numbed and dumbed down through every act of self hatred we engage in.

Yet how do we stop, turn and face, and break this curse? These forces of Nature tell us we must return to the ground of our soft animal bodies.


Caress yourself. Hold your belly like she is your lover like no other. Your breasts, your thighs and feet… your neck. Look at yourself naked in the mirror and claim yourself for yourself. Smell your flesh, your hair… rub yourself with oils. Anoint yourself as the Woman you are. Pleasure yourself! Merge with the Lover that is YOU. And SHE will begin to respond. Your primal instincts will awaken and you WILL begin to change self destructive habits. Just like any wild animal which has been abused and then is loved and caressed, the transformation will organically happen.

Turn to the Lover Poets of all ages who wield the transformational power through their embodied skill with their words to rewrite the narratives we’ve been telling ourselves…


The body will broker
its birthright to bliss,
endlessly, endlessly,
over and over and over again.

And the cries of pleasure blooming
deep blush across well-loved flesh
will become our clarion call
– the soundtrack to our
paradigm shift –

We listen to this song of ecstasy,
this psalm to the senses,
and feel our stories of self
rewritten; our reality

Shedding our conditioning,
like veils softly sliding
to pool at our feet,
we will drop our beliefs,
one by one,
as we reveal the truth that
we are all Salome’s children.
We are all Salome’s children.

I would gladly give my head
to dance at the altar of my own

Would you give yours?

Amy Palko, From Revolutionary Lips


<3 So sooooooo ravishing!! This is an excerpt from Revolutionary Lips, Amy Palko’s collection of poetry being released on Friday, November 7th. This sensual full bodied cycle of poetry will transform the way you relate to yourself… and your body, forever. Listen to her recording of this poem and the deep embodied resonance of the Lover alive in her voice:


From Revolutionary Lips Recording

THIS is the Revolution!! The most important you can be involved in. The self reclamation of YOUR body out of the hands of the dark sordid lies of others… placing it deeply in the heart of your lover like no other… YOU!


Bowing to the Altar of our sacred soft animal bodies this day… and to the forces of Taurus, Venus and Scorpio initiating us to more fullly awaken to the exquisite dance of our sacred wild nature.

Amy Palko’s, From Revolutionary Lips, book of poems and recordings, will be available on Friday from this link. Buy it for your mother. For your sisters and dear friends. For all who are suffering under the yoke of their dark curses who need to be liberated.


* * *


From Revolutionary Lips, by Amy Palko, book & recordings

* * *


Flow write below to where this Taurus Full Moon and Sun in Scorpio at 14° is occurring in your chart. Write to what this post stirs in you… where you can see how you have been bound by false perceptions and the ancient curses. And most importantly, enter into a divine tryst with yourself while these living forces of Nature are here to support us in our liberation. 

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