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Tis time, my loves! Tis time! Spring Equinox is nearing and the growing WILD forces of Nature are swirrrrrrrling in our midst, BURSTING into Life! providing a latent support for our holy wild journeys through an intensity of maenadic chaos which threatens to rip us apart. Yes, you read that right!

“The terrible Beauty of Nature renewing itself, breaking through the earth!”

A major constellation of astronomical and astrological events are occurring this Friday, March 20th:

The Dark Moon in Pisces at 2:36am pdt.
A total Solar Eclipse at 2:46am pdt.
The Sun’s ingress into Aries marking the moment of Spring Equinox at 15:46 pdt


From the Dark Moon (New Moon), to the Solar Eclipse, from the Moon’s ingress into Aries, to the Sun’s and Spring Equinox, we are being initiated by the forces of creation itself! And creation is gnarly. WILD. Intense.


The Spring Equinox is one of the four Cardinal Gateways of the seasons. 0° Aries marks the moment of its birth. The other three are: Summer Solstice at 0° Cancer. Autumn Equinox at 0° Libra. Winter Solstice at 0° Capricorn. The four create the Cardinal Cross in our astrology charts. I encourage you to look your chart to see where this cardinal cross occurs for you and mark it in consciousness.


The Solstices are experienced as a stillpoint… where the Sun hovers in Darkness at its nadir for three days and three nights at Winter Solstice, and hovers at its zenith at Summer Solstice for three days and three nights. The Equinox is when the Sun shines directly on the equator and the length of night and day are nearly equal, but not quite. The energies at the Equinoxes are WILDLY dynamic, transitional, transformative, energizing in nature… and at Spring, chaotic, as growth and birth breaks out everywhere.


For millennia Pagans, Shamans, Witches, Initiates and Indigenous peoples have worked in ceremony and ritual at these times of year to support their body in the physical shift of the season and support their psyche in the psychology shift. In so doing they were fortified to face the challenges of the next cycle.

I have witnessed many in the darkness over these long Winter months. As the seeds lay in their deep sleep beneath the snow, so do parts of ourselves hibernate in the unconscious during winter out of the light of our conscious minds. In the darkness, the self is refashioned by the weaving energies of the unconscious, imperceptible to the outer eye. This can feel frustrating to our conscious minds because of our seeming lack of growth and action in the outer world. Yet alive in the heartbeat of the darkness is the Self awaiting the stirrings of the growing heat and friction of the Sun to burst into its/our next level of actualization.


I encourage you to mark this time in conscious ceremony and ritual.


Before we leave these last days in Pisces and are thrust into Aries, take time to reflect on this last season of Winter. What transpired for you in Capricorn, the initiating cardinal sign of Winter? In Aquarius, the fixed sign and heart of Winter? and what has been occurring for you in Pisces, the mutable and last sign of Winter?


Create an Altar to Spring… with symbols that hold deep sacred meaning for you. As well as the items which represent the challenges you are facing in this moment… bills, photos of loved ones, illnesses you or those you love are dealing with, letters from an old relationship that is still haunting you, as well pieces which represent dreams you desire to actualize. Bow to it all. And then, on March 20th and over the weekend, Dance the Rite of Spring! Engage in art expression. Flow write. Play in nature. In this way you give these forces an expression to enter and be embodied through.

If you feel the call to enter into a Maenadic round of embodied ritual with other Wild Women of the Ways from around the world, I invite you to join me in my online program: Rites of Spring – Initiation by FIRE!


The suggested donation is $80. If you cannot afford that and feel a strong desire to participate, pay what is true for you while keeping in mind the depth, breadth and ardency of the work being provided.

Paypal donation link: http://bit.ly/1BK4zSg

Read more about the event here in my last post:



Hold fast to your heart, to your body, to the earth, to the energies on the move. Take deep care for we can easily slip into madness. Just allow it to move through you. Don’t attach to the mess. Breathe. See it. Bow. And release. We are experiencing many intense forces colliding. Have compassion. And hang on! THIS is the Portal of Spring!


<3 Deep love and support to you at this time. <3