Sun 0° Scorpio scorpiopink 4:56am pdt
Dark Moon/New Moon (conjunction with Sun) 0° Scorpio scorpiopink 14:56pm pdt
Venus 0° Scorpio scorpiopink
 13:56pm pdt
Solar eclipse begins: 13:52 (1:52 p.m.) PDT
Greatest eclipse: 16:35 (4:35 p.m.) PDT
Solar eclipse ends: 17:44 (5:44 p.m.) PDT


We are deepening into the darkness… spiraling into powerful initiating forces of Nature which peak today, Thursday, October 23.


The Sun is the first to enter into Scorpio at 4:56am pdt. Venus will then ingress into Scorpio at 13:56pm pdt. The Sun and Moon will merge in the darkness (New Moon) at 14:56pm pdt. The Solar Eclipse begins at 13:52pm and ends at 17:44pm pdt. They alllllll merge in Scorpio at 0°.

Scorpio and what it represents is one of the most feared of the astrological archetypes in our contemporary culture.


Why? Because long, long ago, when the aggressive patriarchal tribes conquered the cultures which held rituals to honor the dying and dead, rituals to honor endings in relationships and cycles of life, rituals which honored the night and the creatures that lived in it… they banished, shunned and repressed these rites out of fear of their dominating primal power. And thus we lost touch with these vital live-giving realms.

What is repressed is never destroyed. It disappears out of sight, into the hidden unconscious realms.


The 8th House which Scorpio rules can indeed make our bones shake rattle and roll. Our contemporary world has an intense distaste for its realm…

Death. Sex. Taboos. Menstrual blood. Primal raw instincts. Jealousy. Power Dynamics. The Dark Psyche. Taxes. Divorce.


People have no idea how to look into the eye of a dying person, how to hold and honor the space for someone who is going through divorce, how to honor a different sexual orientation, or how to claim the right use of power. And thus, without rites which support a conscious relationship to these areas of our lives, the 8th House which both Scorpio and Pluto rule, has indeed become the Haunted House of our psyches.


In myth, these forces of nature were embodied by the dark gods and goddesses once loved and cherished and devoted to. Now, they have become the cast outs, with alllllll of our fears and shadows projected upon them…

Kali. Hecate. Lilith. Medusa. Pluto. Hades. Ereshkigal. The Furies. Nyx. Persephone.


The opportunity which this moment provides each of us, is to make a conscious descent into this dark realm of our psyches so as to relate to the phantoms and cast outs that live there. When we do, we will be transformed and gifted with integration, regeneration and a rebirth into a new level of our empowered wholeness.

These potent initiating forces are beckoning alllllllllllll of us to acknowledge and relate to them. Look them directly in the eye. The Eye of Death. And open our hearts with compassion and love, as we welcome our exiled selves home.


I invite you to create a ritual that meets you in the challenges you are facing in this moment. Consciously descend into your deep psyche to reclaim your birthright of power… and receive your Jewel in the Darkness.

Look to what is occurring in your life in allllllll things Scorpio.
 Bowing deeply to the Darkness in each of us.