Pluto ♇ now moving direct at 10° Capricorn 
New Moon Phase of the Moon in Libra  shifts into the New Crescent phase in Scorpio  at 7:28am PDT Friday, September 26th.
The Conscious Descent


After Pluto’s 6 month retrograde, it is finally moving forward. And while many feel relieved when a planet goes direct, such as Mercury, finally releasing them from frustrations and into new beginnings in their life, Pluto and its initiations are never easy, backward or forward.

The force of Pluto and its impact on our psyches and lives is the most powerful of alllllllllll the transpersonal forces in Nature. It represents our encounters and initiations with the Underworld, the Dark (hidden, exiled, repressed) Unconscious. It reveals itself through our deeply felt losses, depressions, sufferings, rages and deaths.


Pluto is the force of destructive power in Nature… the sudden eruption of a volcano, an earthquake, a tsunami… which in a unforeseen moment of violence, destroys all life in its wake, throwing those who survive it into a cycle of tragic loss, despair, and suffering, until they rebuild and after a long journey in the darkness, are reborn.

In our personal lives, Pluto is the force that represents the moment a crisis occurs, throwing us into a long journey of metamorphosis… the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a house, the end of a relationship, an encounter with illness, separation from a child.


This ‘dark night of the soul’ and the eventual rebirth from it falls under the rule of the archetypes of Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House. It is considered as the cycle of Transformation – Life/Death/Rebirth


As Initiates of the sacred wild forces of Nature, Pluto is the transpersonal power that calls us to descend and enter into a direct encounter with the full cycle of its mysteries. Just as Inanna was called to descend to meet her dark sister, Ereshkigal, our egos, our identities, are being called to consciously enter into the unconscious to encounter the Mysteries held in the heart of these events of our life.


Pluto is the harbinger of radical change which the ego is not in control of and in most cases, does not want, desperately attempts to avoid, and yet is forced to submit to. It is in these moments of submission and helplessness that we encounter the transpersonal force of Pluto.


Most identify this archetype in its Death aspect, making it the most feared of the forces of nature. This fear stems from a society which have shunned the darkness and have no relationship with it. The ancient Goddess cultures honored the darkness and thus had an intimate relationship with it… death, illness, loss, the blood of our cycles. All these were held with sanctity, in sacred rituals, and a community to support the individual.


Transformation through crisis. I’ve been sitting with those words. Rocking as I “be with” and drop into my contemplation in where this is occurring in my life. ‘Be with’ the realization that when crisis is upon me, it is the herald of a deep psycho-spiritual initiation occurring IF I choose to relate to it consciously.


It then becomes an initiation which when I have the map, fortifies and sustains me so I can find my way through the difficult challenge I am faced with. While the suffering may be great, so are the profound changes in one’s identity which occur. This process is about integrating more of the powers of the Self into consciousness.

I’ve learned to look it directly in the eye, ‘be with’ the difficult emotions it evokes, listen to their voices, rock with them, weep, cocoon, give them the pen, the paint brush, my body to embody them.

I also relate to the myths as maps of the initiation so I can grope through the dark passage and find my way. This is the dark cocoon for me. and what I know is that every jot and tittle of the pain felt and lived, worked with is contributing to the alchemical metamorphosis.


Pluto’s transits through a sign are lonnnnnng lived. Approximately 28 years! So wherever it lands in our charts, it is here to support us in doing the deeper work that our bodysoul’s are innately, organically, seeking. And where it lands in our natal chart, is where our lifelong individuating journey with this transpersonal power occurs.


There is something here in this particular Mystery that I desire us alllllllllll to more deeply benefit from. As most of you know, this IS one of the driving forces of my Daemon. Alllllllllll things Pluto, 8th House and Scorpio. All things which have to do with the Descent Mysteries. It is through this force that I have over the years of my engagement with them come to my greatest powers, the riches in my life, and the love which supports me through the journey of the travail of my sufferings. So yes, I am a devoteeeeeeeee.

And thus let us take note of where our natal Pluto is and where it is transiting in this moment in our charts. I want you to reflect upon the larger crisis which may be occurring in your life. Yes, we have our mini ones, and then we have our longer phased ones which can last for years.


I am going to be tracking the template of these Mysteries through the moon phases over this autumn season, initiated by this dark moon/new moon in Libra, Pluto’s shift into direct motion, and this Autumn Equinox. All three events are occurring in the same moment. I am pausing with this… and choosing to work with it. I advise you to do the same. Work while you have the fertile DARKNESS!

The two myths I will be relating this cycle to is that of Inanna & Ereshigal, and Persephone/Hades & Demeter. We begin with Relationship, which Libra rules.

The Relationship between the Bright Sister and the Dark and the roles their lovers played. And the relationship between Persephone & Hades, and the penetrating darkness which is experienced as an abduction into the deep.


Remember this as we enter into the darkness… crisis = a cycle of transformation where some part of us dies (our ego), is refashioned in the underworld, embodies its ways, and is reborn as a Queen empowered with (fused with) the wisdom which comes from an intimate relationship with the unconscious. This work and relationship to these myths and these transits as initiations, will serve in fortifying you for the rest of your sacred WILD life.

 Bowing deeply with great love and support to us all. 


We continue in our New Moon Phase in Libra. Luna shifts into Pluto ♇ ruled Scorpio and its New Crescent phase tomorrow at 7:28am PDT.


Look for its scintillating presence in the early eve! Seed your intentions for both the moon cycle and the Autumn Equinox Cycle. The ground is fertile to receive your true desires aligned with the dark self.