The Warrioress of the HeART of Relationship

Aries ♈ Full Moon: Wed. Oct. 8, 2014, 3:51 am PDT
Sun at 15.05 Libra ♎, Moon at 15.05 Aries ♈
Venus 10° Libra ♎
Uranus 15° Aries ♈
Pluto 11° Capricorn ♑
Mercury ☿ 2° Scorpio ♏ retrograde


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… if we thought things couldn’t get more complex in our relationships, they are about to!

We are in the midst of being initiated into whole new levels of the Mysteries of the HeART of Relationship… with Other and with Self… by the sacred wild forces of Nature in our midst.


I’m basking under the light of the burgeoning Moon on an unseasonably warm eve, serenaded by the crickets while awaiting my lover’s return home.

The building energy of this cycle has been strong over these last days, with Mercury shifting into its retrograde cycle in Scorpio and both the Sun and the Moon squaring off with Pluto. Venus has moved into Libra and is now moving into a conjunction with the Sun, while Uranus (the Revolutionary) will conjunct the Full Moon in Aries.

WOW! Right on cue, things have been heating up in strange unexpected bursts (Uranus) of conflicts in my relationships.

This is one HOT powerful brew of astrological forces bubbling and boiling in the Cauldron of Self.


For Wise Ones of the sacred wild ways, this moment provides a powerful energetic field for Alchemical Transformation… IF we stand in the center of these forces and work to embody them in the vessel of our bodysouls.

Every full Moon positions itself exactly opposite the Sun, and thus this full Moon in Aries dances opposite Libra. Opposites and the moment of the full moon are the strongest tension field we experience in a month, providing a powerful opportunity for alchemy. This full moon forms the axis with Self (Aries) and Other (Libra) as seen in our astrology charts. Venus, the Lover and ruler of Libra, is reinforcing the Sun, and Uranus the Revolutionary is emboldening the Aries Moon.

Aries is nature’s fierce fiery force which drives us to our self actualization. It claims itself as MEEEeeeeeeeee with great ferocity!


It initiates the season of Spring, rules the first house and thus our birth into this world. It is the Warrioress in us who protects our self boundaries. Women are not as comfortable with this face of themselves as men are. We have been taught that to be self centered and to claim our powers is selfish, and thus we more often choose to be pleasers which is the shadow side of Libra’s diplomatic ways.

Yet over time we begin to understand that if we do not protect ourselves and stand up for our self actualization and sacred wild genius, no one else will, and life will swallow us whole with its demands and needs… and ironically, when we betray ourselves, our relationships falter.

Libra is here to temper the ferocity of the ego and its demands ‘to be’ so as to be in relationship with Other. It’s greater function provides the means through diplomacy to include all sides.


The thesis statement for this Full Moon is: How do I stand in myself, draw true boundaries and protect my self actualization… while staying in a passionate intimate relationship with Other and protecting the right for their boundaries and self actualization.

The potential to be birthed out of this tension field is the Warrioress of the Heart, for Self and Other.


This Full Moon is also a total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses support us in releasing old patterns, and under this Sun in Libra/Full Moon in Aries axis, the focus is on releasing the old patterns of how we have lived our relationships that no longer serve us or the other.

Mercury has begun its retrograde in Scorpio and over this next week will slip back into Libra. Mercury rules communication. Scorpio seeks psychological depth. Libra rules all things relationship. In our relationships, sometimes those depths can only be reached through agitation and conflict expressed through our communications.

A retrograde points to a ‘going back over’ issues which have not gone deep enough.


Whereas Libra is known for its diplomacy and seeks to harmonize and move away from conflict, Pluto ruled Scorpio is not concerned with harmony. This force of Nature wants to get to the dark material at the Heart of the Matter. Oftentimes we are unconscious to what exactly that is.

Conflict is one of the ways the unconscious reveals to us the land mines living in our depths, alerting us to the dark material which is seeking to be brought into consciousness. If we work through it, conflict will always move us to greater wholeness in ourselves and in the relationship.

Pluto transits are some of the most challenging we face over our lives.


With the Sun and Moon squaring off with Pluto we are being given an opportunity for deep life changing transformation in this Self/Other axis. So rather than shun and shut down to crisis that show up in our relationships, we are being called to see these challenges as the hidden gold (Pluto) of the Self seeking to be realized.

With Pluto, this can point to the death of a relationship, yet it can also point to a transformation which causes a rebirth of the relationship.


Tis a motherlode of forces of nature to work with!! Yet as you can see, they are alllllllllll related in a great mandalic whole, aligning to initiate and support us in this great work of our deepening relationship to ourselves and our relationships with others.

Committed relationship is not for the faint of Heart. It takes a Warrioress to fiercely stand for love… for oneself, for the other… and for the sacred third, the relationship.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”   Rumi

I desire us allllllllll to take advantage of this incredible moment of initiation these forces of nature are providing us.


Enter in! Create your own ritual! Bring all that you are to this moment… your greatest heart’s desires, as well your deepest challenges in your relationships. Build your Altar to your Warrioress of the Heart. Place your dark material on it. Then move, paint, and write these forces of Nature into life, inviting them to embody on a whole new level in yourself and your relationships.

Bowing deeply to the HeART of the Mysteries of Relationship… and to the WILD nature of your own Sacred Heart.