On August 25th, 2014, the Sun moved into Virgo and Luna into her New Moon/Dark of the Moon phase in Virgo. Sun and Moon merged together as One in the darkness to initiate us in this next monthly round of our lives.


All things Woman Unto Herself are Her initiations. While some call her a Virgin Goddess, in ancient times Virgin meant a woman who belonged only to herself and her sacred WILD nature. She engaged in sexuality as an ecstatic union with others, yet did not give herself away in relationships. Some were the tantric priestesses of the temples of the Goddess who embraced sexuality as a sacred transformational act of embodied Love.


Virgo is the force of Gaia rising to fortify our lives and the ground of our service and work in the world, areas of life she rules. Her greatest teaching guides us towards our Body as a Healing Temple.


❤  She is an Earth Witch and has much to teach us. ❤


Virgo Ritual…

Enter into the sacred temple of your body. Close your eyes, feel your heartbeat, your breath, and allow her to flow into authentic movement. Give her free reign so she can unfold into the ritual you most need in this moment. Stretching, twirling, thumping, pounding, shaking, howling, weeping, humming, laying in stillness, leaping through the air. She will alchemize the energies you are challenged by, gift you with healing, and carry you home to your self.