Sun 13° Gemini Moon
1st Quarter Moon Phase in Libra
Asteroid Psyche 19° Aquarius
Asteroid Persephone 15° Aquarius
Mercury 2° Cancer (going retrograde June 7th – July 1st)


Do you feel the shift? from the Moon in Virgo to the Moon in Libra today? I do!


The more I pay attention to the moon cycling through these different archetypal fields of energy along with its phases, the more I am mirrored in my own energy, phases, cycles.


Trippy, really! says the mind. While the knowing self just knows. And of course it would! Tis Nature! My Nature!


Libra is an air sign, so along with the Sun in Gemini, they form a trine, which creates a field of harmonious energy, in constrat to the square and the tension field it creates.


Allllllllll serve deeply. And the more we understand their/our nature, the more we can lean into the various archetypal forces and their qualities to support and gift our lives.


A Grand Trine occurs when planets in all three signs of an element angle to create a  triangle.  We look to our charts to see who is transiting there, along with which House it occurs and what planets reside in these signs of our natal chart. The trine will be activating these areas. The third Air sign is Aquarius. Right now there are no planets transiting in Aquarius. There are two asteroids… Persephone and Psyche.


Air signs rule: Gemini – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain; Libra – kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks; Aquarius – ankles, calves, circulatory system.


I feel so playful today. Released. Hearted. Open. I’m home alone. With the deck doors wide open… I hear the winds dancing through the treees, while the young crows are caw caw cawing. Feeling and hearing my breath moving in and out of my body. After writing I’m going out to do my movement on the deck, while contemplating these areas of the body. This is an act of connecting with and then embodying these forces.


The Air signs represent the thinking function, and thus it is also a good moment to witness to this place in you… what are your thoughts wanting to explore this day? Are you caught in loops? Do you hear self negating voices or self affirming?


Thoughts have tremendous power. In fact, the old negative patriarchy (which continues to exist in religions and institutions in the world) used thoughts to control people through fear. These thoughts are part of our inheritance from our families and culture. This is the conditioning we were born into.


The most insidious part about conditioning is that it is so deeply woven into us that we don’t even know it’s there. We don’t  realize how it is holding us hostage to an abusive way of perceiving ourselves and the world.


One week from today, Friday the 13th, I will be holding a Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual webinar.


I usually do the ritual webinars on the new moon and often on the weekend so more people can attend, but this month is calling me to enter in on this PERFECT day for Witches of the Way! Friday the 13th, and open it to a larger audience outside the SHE of the Sacred Wild Ways membership forum.


The number 13 is/was sacred to the Goddess cultures. The negative patriarchal forces wanted to destroy anything sacred to the Goddess and the Earth and thus they cast their own negative spells around it… thought control… naming it as the number of the Devil and saying it was *bad luck*… and thus no 13th floor or rooms in hotels to this day. Seriously?


Wherever negative fear-based thought like this exists there is huge opportunity for powerful magic to occur! For whenever we reclaim a negative, a shadow, a taboo, and liberate ourselves and others from abuse, we are unleashing reservoirs of power, love, and liberty into the World.

Our Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, the Fire sign opposite to Gemini. I will be writing more to the particularity of this dance between these opposites so you can get very close to who these forces are and how they move in you and play out in your life.


yes.. Friday the 13th, Witches, Black Cats and Crows! Mark it on your calendar and join me!


OOoooo and yes, Gemini DOES shift into its retrograde today, Saturday, June 7th until July 1st, in Cancer to begin with, then will dip back into all things Gemini. Yay!! I LOVE retrogrades! Need a damn break from all that forward movement. As Witches of the Way we will indeed use this force to support our lives. Retrogrades ROCK!