Scorpio Full Moon: The Darkness Still Has Work to Do…

by | May 13, 2014 | Astro Scribe


Hecate, Underworld Goddess and Scorpio archetype

“The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy, often referred as The Triple Hecate or simply Hecate, is a 1795 work of art by the English artist and poet William Blake which depicts Enitharmon, a female character in his mythology, or Hecate, a chthonic Greco-Roman goddess of magic and the underworld. The work presents a nightmarish scene with fantastic creatures.” Wikipedia


Sun 22° Taurus ♉
Moon Scorpio ♏
Full Moon in Scorpio ♏ on Wednesday, May 14, 12:16pm pdt
Saturn 19° Scorpio ♏

The Darkness still has work to do…


The challenges we humans continually face never cease to amaze me. At any moment a situation can dramatically turn into what feels like destructive chaos. Why? Because there is so much more beneath the surface of what is occurring than we consciously understand, which is what my work in SHE of the Sacred Wild Ways forum is about. Scorpio is the function within the human psyche which urges us to get to the bottom of what is occurring in any situation.

It drives us into crisis due to deep unconscious material that is bubbling beneath the surface which we can’t get to consciously, and thus often explodes into the reality of our lives through conflict.


Scorpio was originally ruled by Mars, which is conflict driven. It later was given rulership under Pluto when it was discovered, the God/dess of the Underworld, because of the necessity we have to face the dark unconscious and make it conscious. Scorpio seeks to examine what this is, even at the expense of our ego’s defenses (Mars). Pluto and Scorpio rule the art of psychology… the study of the psyche.

As we move towards this full moon in Scorpio occurring on Wednesday, May 14th at 12:16pm pdt, Luna has already shifted into Scorpio in preparation, stirring up the need to peer deeply into the dark shadows and emotions occurring in our lives.


Do not fear it. Underneath every dark encounter is the heart of compassion for the messiness of the human condition that is caught and ever seeking to be healed, integrated and returned to its place in the family of things.


Sometimes this does require drawing healthy boundaries around those who do not have the capacity to do so for themselves. While we can continue to have compassion for others, sometimes the greatest compassion we can extend to another is to draw firm boundaries which serve to support the individual in growing. And always the drive is greater compassion for ourselves. Whether this is an aspect in our own internality for aspects which need to be tempered, or of someone outside of us, leaning into the genius of Scorpio will support us in finding our way.

You just have to hang on through the crisis until it moves into the transformation. It is perhaps the most feared of all the signs due to its relationship to death, yet rebirth is the gift on the other side.


The full moon in Scorpio at 23° occurs exactly opposite the Sun in Taurus at 23°. Look to see where this axis falls in your chart. It marks the celebration of Buddha’s birth at the full moon in May. The greatest Light always draws forth the greatest darkness… seeking to serve and heal what has been thus far exiled. Saturn is at 19° Scorpio, thus being close enough to be considered a conjunction with the moon on the full moon. Gravitas is indeed with us.


Bowing deeply to each one and the epic challenges you are living through. May we all find our way.


Kathleen Prophet

SHE of the Sacred Wild Ways – Embodied Astrology

Grand Cross Altar

 I invite you to become a member of She of the Sacred Wild Ways…


a secret society of Women who are daily embodying the sacred wild forces of Nature… through the rhythms of their bodypsyches and the ever-cycling nature we live in: the Moon phases, Seasons, Sun changes and Stars, which support and shape our lives…


The above post comes from the SHE of the Sacred Wild Ways forum. Along with receiving the regular posts, those in the membership are invited to write to what is occurring in their lives so as to be witnessed by me and pointed to where this is occurring in their chart. This is a powerful form of self realization and actualization out of the material of one’s life in the moment.


We also engage in regular full moon and new moon embodied arts rituals, work with and share in Altar creation, and are taught the astrological archetypes so as to know our own chart and learn how to read it.


Join us in this powerful transformative work if you feel called to enter in…


“I love your approach to astrology – it is so empowering. So different from every other reading I’ve ever had. This engagement with our initiations… gives us something to dance with, work with, play with.”


* * *


“I know I’ve told you this before, but I knew there were keys for me in astrology. but it was only in my engagement with your work that I could finally see the keys themselves and how to unlock the whole mandala for myself.”


* * *


“I love the awareness that you use astrology to bring to your current experience of your present moment – it completely thrills me that this level of understanding is available, if not entirely accessible as of yet, to me.


“And I think what frustrates me so is that when I speak to you about it, or we exchange comments in the group or in private message, I get such a huge amount of deep and clear resonance to the material – personal and transpersonal. And then when I go and read other’s words on it, it falls flat.


“All that to say, I *need* you to write and publish, because I need to read your words!!!”


~ Amy Palko, Author, Poetess, Goddess Guidance Leader

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