I have been absent of late. Last May I created my membership forum, SHE of the Sacred Wild Ways. It was an experiment. I had long yearned for a community of women who desired to relate to themselves and their lives through an embodiment processs. Through a deepening relationship with their unconscious, that magically powerful force, at times overwhelming force within the human being’s bodypsyche.


Along with this I wanted to include my relationship with Nature… the force of the cycling moon and the season changes. I had used arcehtypal astrology to support my own self knowledge pursuit so I decided to wweave that in as well.


And then my passion, the embodied arts. I have always held a longing for a Salon. My imgaintino has been piqued by the Artists of old and their stories of coming together to share their art, their philsolphies and their challenges.Of course the embodied arts are a for of self therapy… flow writing… Julia Cameron morning pages… or stream of consciousness writing as the surrealists called it. Authentic movement. Expressive painting, particularly the form I learned from Aviva Gold.


So I wanted to bring these three apsects of the depth work I had been using in my own practices as well as with others over the last 14 years.   My experience has been that in community… witnessing… support… not alone in my challenges or darkness… other’s way of seeing as well.**


So for the last 10 months I have been focusing all my time and energy in this forum. There are 40 members and each one participate at different levels of the membership and different ways in the forum or with my privately.


I am now opening this emmbership up with a new level, and that is to receive the posts I write in the forum. Sometimes they are daily, or every 2 or 3 days moving with the moon changes. I know there are many people who either do not hae the time or desire to engage in an active process with others, yet would love to receie the wisdom and explorations I touch on   I am offering this subscription level for $20 a month.


These posts will be sent after they are written adn posted in the forum so that you can stay abreast with the changes in Nature, the moon signs, the sun changes, as well as the other archetypal markers we explore… Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and some of the asteroids all moving round the zodiac intersecting your personal chart reflecting or perhaps stimulating the cycling initations in your life.