Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius… the Mystery of YOU!

by | Aug 19, 2012 | Astro Scribe

The Goddess Hecate

This week begins the Journey Into the Deep: Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius The Powerful Mystery of YOU.


Join me and a remarkable group of women who are preparing to enter into the Sacred Ground of their Bodypsyche and witness to the transformational power at its core. This is NOT child’s play! Only mature Women may enter (that means YOU!). And yet this IS the Play that you are seeking, that you feel missing. The real Mystery. The REAL Magic.


This work represents the powerful Mystery Rites of the Ancients who had rituals and forms to access the deepest most brilliant seemingly magical parts of themselves.


As we know, this was decidedly too much for the rulers of the patriarchy. They wanted people controlled.  They wanted to hold the power.  Wanted the people to project their own sacred genius self upon them.  And thus they lied, telling stories that disempowered the people, keeping them enslaved.


No more!


We are BLESSED to live in a country where we can seize back our power through an inner revolution by entering into the deepest most sacred wild creative genius there is… within ourselves.



In this video, I tell you about my encounter with this profound Sacred Wild Creative Genius which I have encountered through my work with hundreds of women….


[vimeo width=”700″ height=”441″][/vimeo]


Join me and the Goddess Hekate as we stand at the Gateway and Witness to your deep Self Realization!


Hekate is the Goddess of Witness.


It was she who witnessed the abduction of Kore/Persephone by Hades into the Underworld.  It is she who stands at the Gateway as we choose to enter into our deep unconscious to alchemize the Darkness into the gold of the Self.  It is She, the Sacred Witch of the Dark times, the dying of the Light, the Dark Moon that is with us as we enter Autumn and move towards the initiation of Winter Solstice, and specifically THIS one of 2012.


This journey is seriously going to ROCK!  Wednesday is the introductory eve…. when the Sun moves into Virgo… The Woman Unto Herself.  Join us if you are interested and would like know more about the program.


The New Moon on September 15th in Virgo marks our first formal multi-media ritual webinar, one week before the energies of the Autumn Equinox are unleashed.


Please contact me with any questions you may have about this program or if you would like to join us on August 22nd at 4:30 PST.  Allow me to support you in making it happen!


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