The Wild Mother – Forest Play

by | Jul 21, 2012 | Astro Scribe

Where the Wild things roam…


Today… we mark the cycling of the new moon into Cancer.

Cancer represents the archetype of Mother. Not the domesticated mother of the patriarchy. She is the Wild Mother which births and nourishes our wild creative genius into life, whether in the form of babes or projects, paintings or relationships.


I just returned from a trip to Portland and while there I took a group of women out into the forest to engage in Nature Play.

The concept for this work is rooted in Carl Jung’s Active Imagination work.  Jungian therapists evolved this expression of exploring the imagination of the unconscious into Sandplay.


Through this free, creative play, unconscious processes are made visible in three-dimensional form and a living world comparable to the dream experience. Through the creation of images that take shape in this way, the process of individuation described by C. G. Jung is stimulated and brought to fruition.


I and others have taken this form into nature and call it Nature Play, or Aboriginal Play, in honor of those who are one with the wilds, one with nature.

The idea is to venture out until drawn to a spot in nature to explore.  One enters with imagination and the sense of play, like a child that allows herself to begin to create with rocks and sticks, talking to the imagined and real creatures of the earth, while having one’s inner Witness follow the thoughts and feelings that arise.


Most often what arises are the thoughts and feelings that are ‘up’.  Challenges in one’s life, the existential angst that lies just below the surface


We drove up to Forest Park and hiked in a short way to the trailhead.  We marked the time for one hour and then dispersed into the wilds…





The Wild Zone
Where the Wild Criaturas roam…
play and snarl and fashion their home.
Time to drop down and live from my aboriginal bones
In the Wild Zone.



 I’ve found my home!  A fallen moss covered tree.  For me, a ship to carry me on my life journey!




 Exquisite soft strength of the ground of my being.




I feel the strong earth beneath my feet, feel the support, feel this mast of the Self… I claim my arrival in the Journey




Wild Bird Spirit

  One with the Wild Spirit Of Nature.




Cloaking with my Ancestors

 The cloth that was the mast for the ship has now become the cloak of the Ancestors… calling to me.




The Ancestors

The Ancestors are ever with me.  Just as in the forest the trees are grown from those which have fallen, I am made of the stuff of who they were/are.




Released unto myself, the earth has my back

Once I pay hommage to my Ancestors, I am released unto myself. Feeling the power and strength of this massive moss covered log at my back, I drop down and more fully unto myself




The Super Nova Self

A Super Nova is a moment of both exploding and imploding.  My experience over this last year has felt very much like that…




The ChildWoman

My soft animalbody.  A return to deep nature.




The Leafy Kiss

The Leafy Kiss!  With elvin forest mate, Emelie Archer.  Two Women who love to play in the Wilds!


Dance in the wilderness of your psyche and pay hommage to that which howls, protects, prowls, plays, is sexual and creates in you this day!


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