Celebrations at this time of year abound!  Beltane!  The May Pole!  Wesak!  Scorpio Full Moon!  The Fertility Rites of Spring!



These are the Mysteries of Spring which Mother Nature is fully engaged in right now.  Bursting out everywhere in a dramatic display of color, SEXUALITY, birth and LIGHT!


For thousands of years, humans enacted rituals to evoke the power of Nature’s forces so as to attune and align themselves to these ever-changing gnarly energies…. both within and without.


These rites were violently cast out by the ruling authorities because of how self-empowering they are to the individual. To become one-unto-yourself, to access your full nature, IS to be the God/dess. A self ruler. This was not only unacceptable, but seen as a political threat to those who wanted full control over their people, their religions, their gods. And thus those who held these sacred mysteries and rites were massacred.


We have forgotten.  And in our forgetting we have cut ourselves off from the deepest layers of our empowering intelligence = Nature in its profound round of cycling unto itself for its healing, transformation, fruition and wholeness.


Myths throughout time have reflected this cycling of Nature…  within and without. They tell us of our innocence, the call, the journey into the Darkness to die to our immaturity and be reborn into greater psycho-spiritual wholeness.


In my last blog post, The Conscious Descent – The Myth of Inanna & Ereshkigal, I told the story of Inanna, Queen of the Upperworld, and her Dark Sister, Ereshkigal, Ruler of the Underworld.  I focused on the Descent part of the myth where Inanna hears her Dark Sister in her pain and suffering in exile in the Underworld and chooses to make the descent to see her.


The Descent Initiations, which are related to the astrological archetype of Scorpio, are the most difficult of all.  Yet by choosing to respond to the call of her heart, Inanna enters into the underworld, integrates her Dark Sister Powers and matures in her wisdom and beauty as the Goddess of empowered mature Love.


This empowering myth reflects the initiatory journey of a human’s whooollllle psyche in relationship to itself!  It is not just about the descent. It is about the whole circle of ourselves which includes being a lover like no other to life, self and other.


The myth reveals the depth and breadth of a woman’s sensual erotic nature. This is the Feminine in her fullness.  This is the full depth and breadth of the Scorpio archetype and the full moon in Scorpio we are about to enter in, its descent into the darkness and its erotic nature of merging with our lover. We need to claim all of ourselves as women to lead the world into its wholeness.

The myth of Inanna holds some of the most erotic writing I have ever read!  Remember, myths are interwoven into the culture and thus the story is told to children and adults alike. It is amazzzzzzzzing to consider a culture embracing their sexuality to this degree, particularly as this same culture five thousand years later is one of the most sexually repressive cultures.


Because the ancient Sumerians were an agrarian culture, the metaphors used are that of plants and fields and growth.  LUSH!


Inanna sang:

“He has sprouted; he has burgeoned;
He is lettuce planted by the water.
He is the one my womb loves best.

My well-stocked garden of the plain,
My barley growing high in its furrow,
My apple tree which bears fruit up to its crown,
He is lettuce planted by the water.

My honey-man, my honey-man sweetens me always.
My lord, the honey-man of the gods,
He is the one my womb loves best.
His hand is honey, his foot is honey,
He sweetens me always.”

Dumuzi sang:

“Oh Lady, your breast is your field,

Inanna, your breast is your field.
Your broad field pours out plants.
Your broad field pours out grain.
Water flows from on high for your servant.
Bread flows from on high for your servant.
Pour it out for me, Inanna.
I will drink all you offer.”




Inanna is the Lover Queen, renamed as the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, by the Greeks and Venus, by the Romans.  She is truly a lover like no other.


It is time for us to reclaim our exiled selves and infuse our lives with the true power and joy that comes from living who we fully are in the World.


It is the Lover Queen who is LUSH in her sexuality and deep feeling self who hears the cry of her exiled sister and has the compassionate courageous heart to descend into her depths to rescue, heal and liberate what has been exiled.  By so doing, Inanna is gifted with her wholeness.   Her Queendom, her life, OUR LIVES, flourish!  It is from this wholeness that we best serve our family, our lover, our friends, our world.


We are being called!  Embrace her!  Your Wholeness!  She is indeed exquisite!

These are the Mysteries of Life, Death & our Rebirth into Wholeness… The Tao of Initiation for Women seeking wholeness, their fullness unto themselves!

Happy Beltaine and Full Moon in Scorpio, my loves!  My Women AND Men friends!  We are alllllll being moved more fully into our wholeness.  And what a wonder it is!


I soooooo love and adore each and everyone of you!