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My passion is romancing your Wild Creative Genius into Life. This is who and what I am in love with!


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I am in LOVE with your MADNESS! Your unique cryptic brilliance. That which you own and no one else. Everyone is mad. This is where your genius lives! Everyone hides it too. Most feel ashamed of it. Some artists know how to give it LIFE in their paintings, dances, writing. Only the very few embrace their cryptic hidden nature in full realization and passion for its brilliant mystery.


Take advantage of this Unleash & Embody session and I will guide you into a living encounter with your Wild Creative Genius and help you perceive its magnificence and enormity.


It takes a lifetime to see into and fully know the brilliance of your Genius. Why not start now? “We dull our lives by the way we perceive them.” Let me open your eyes to the brilliance of this Genius operating in you.


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When you register for Unleash & Embody you will fill out a questionnaire asking you for your birth data as well as questions which directly relate to the characteristics of your Genius. Return the answers along with your birth information before our session. I will be looking over this information to see deeply into the mystery of your unique Wild Creative Genius.  We will use these tools in our session as touchstones into this realm of your Genius.


Without realizing what I was seeking, this was the quest that broke through in my early 40s (see full story here)


The work with the embodied arts saved my life. Chaos threatened to tear my work, and relationships apart.  Yet I realized this was a sacred creative Chaos!  I could perceive its intelligence!  Something bigger was attempting to breakthrough which had the capacity to move me into a deeper more meaningful life.  And I wanted it!  So I seized upon the opportunity!  I pursued training at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, as well as with Marion Woodman in her Bodysoul Intensives.  I also trained at the Authentic Movement Institute, and Shamanism with Lynn Andrews.


Instead of it manifesting as  a breakdown, I was able to embody the new energies of my sacred Genius, translate its hieroglyphs into enlightened understanding, and actualize them in creative forms. Through dancing with my Genius in the embodied arts, I transformed and healed my deep entrenched wounds, turned them into Gold = my strengths, and was then able to fashion a life I had only imagined in my wildest dreams.

Kathleen, I think of you as an amazing ambassador for and guide to the darkness, the call inward. One who helps us explore the darkness and see the gold that is there. Thank YOU for being you and for all that you do to accept and embrace the inner world. And for teaching and holding the space for us to do the same.

~ Laurie Tennebaum, Coaching for Transformative Change


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You can also work with me in-depth in my powerful Genius actualizing sessions :


In my signature program, Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius, I guide individuals in a 12-week journey into the mystery of the Jewel of their Genius to embody the exquisite wild terrain of their deep creative Soul. (click here for program details)


Utilizing the Embodied Arts I guide you into the predominant archetypes which make up the body of your Genius. In the 2 hour live embodied arts sessions participants make direct contact with the transformative energy of their Wild Creative Genius and express it through movement, painting and writing. This unleashes the force of their Genius which in turn infuses their life with its illuminating powers and gifts of healing, transformation and embodiment.


 Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius Embodied Arts Private Session 


The Wild Creative Genius is the KEY to unlocking your empowered authenticity and embodying its expression in the world = brand. Yes, had to throw that in. Because it’s true! Think Frida Kahlo!


The most significant part of our humanity is hidden from us. It is the key to our living a deeply satisfying and RICH mythic life. It is your gift to a World in need of your cryptic hidden Genius.  Sign up now for your complimentary session.



Kathleen is dark and mysterious, yet the brilliance of her authenticity could light up a small city. Being in her presence allowed me to scrape the depth of my shadow and I knew that she could hold space for anything that I was able to conjure up, that and more, as long as I stood in my truth… Can you hear the birds calling, the wolves howling with laughter? that’s where she is.

~ Robin Samadhi


My experience…


What began as my personal pursuit evolved into intensive training that ensued over the next 12 years.  I trained in Shamanism with Lynn Andrews in her School of Shamanism.  I was certified in Creative Expression with Jill Mellick at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Completed the authentic movement training with Neala Haze at the Authentic Movement Institute. Some of my most extensive training was in the Bodysoul Intensives with Marion Woodman. And most recently after years of practice, I took my teacher training in Painting from the Source with Aviva Gold.


For the last 30 years I have dedicated my life to wooing out the wild creative Genius in others. First as a music performer then Dalcroze teacher.  Then as a Montessori Directress and Founder of the Wonder Child Creative Arts program. Over the last 12 years I have trained women in groups and private sessions in the embodied arts: authentic movement, source painting, expressive writing, the art of witnessing and women’s mystery rites.



Kathleen has a way of hosting darkness that allows one to see the rich tapestry of potentials carried within our suffering. Kathleen’s teaching is full-bodied. She makes direct contact with your material and artfully hosts it, drawing it out, and allowing it to express itself. The unconscious material comes up, and she assists you to express it in whatever form it is wanting to be expressed: movement, painting, nature-play… Like a tea-leaf reader, she looks at your expressions and gleans the jewels within… Slowly we become more at home with ourselves: our longing, our fear, our dreams. Instead of shying away from who we are, we come to embrace ourselves, finding our way to true self-expression.

~ Colleen Kelly, MFT

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