I want to share a music video with you that my son, Laurence Prophet (far right), composed, recorded with his band, Bastard Opera (Laurence is the lead singer/guitarist), mixed, produced the video, shot the video, and edited the music video. He is 20 years old.


The story is inspired by his relationship with a past girlfriend who is a high end model ($1000 a day). Her story is one of sexual and drug abuse within the industry, where expectations of sex for contracts is rampant and drug use is intricately woven into its dark web. The industry uses these young women up and spits them out when they begin to lose their fresh youthful look with one of ravaged drug abuse.


Laurence was so shocked by her stories and the rehab and drug use she was still struggling with, along with severe digestive problems from anorexia, that he was fueled into this creation, spending thousands of his money to make it happen.  Of course hoping his work will be recognized for its skills,  yet the fuel was his impassioned challenge to the industry and a society who fosters this madness.


[youtube width=”600″ height=”500″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gYeSYVIXOQ[/youtube]


I bring this to you, my friends and readers, as these subjects are so near and dear to heart!  The bodypsyche health and well being of young women… and the fury against these industries that have so twisted the image of beauty for young girls that they develop deep levels of self loathing and illness. Two of my neices fell into the hole of speed/crystal meth use while attempting to achieve the body type of Kate Moss. Ugh. One will never recover its impact on her body and brain.  The other thankfully has made it out. Weep. Wail and gnash my teeth!


Please… if any and all of you who care and value this message… SPREAD THIS VIDEO!  LIKE It on youtube so it goes viral! If you have connections, let me know how we can put wings on this message and let it fly.


The gift of this message being in this form is that it is in young people’s language… MUSIC… and their world. They know it. And to see young men stand for this with women is POWERFUL because so many think that it is men who want this body image. No friggin way! I have 3 sons who not care for this super model extreme body type.


I am looking to anyone here who knows others and can pass this on. Even to your list is enough, your friends… asking them to LIKE the video on youtube at the  very least.


Lets create a movement!  If one young man can put all his resources into creating such a powerful message through his Art, then we need to show up in all ways we can to support this message getting out.


Thank you!  and please leave a comment as to how this video impacts you.  Some feel horribly uncomfortable viewing the video.  I understand and have compassion for that.  And… I would ask you to watch it all the way through.  Take it into your deep bodypsyches so that these women do not have to carry the shame alone any longer.  Shame kills.  Let us liberate them by helping to carry the weight of this dark unconscious madness that is being perpetuated by the shadows of society… and transform this curse into what true and healthy beauty and sexuality has the potential to be.




[youtube width=”600″ height=”500″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gYeSYVIXOQ[/youtube]