Neptune & Pisces Embodied Arts Ritual webinar

by | Feb 22, 2012 | Astro Scribe

Join me on February 22nd, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. PT for an Embodied Arts encounter

with the Archetypal forces of Pisces & Neptune

join meeting here:  Neptune & Pisces Embodied Arts Ritual Webinar

The Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Neptune will all be conjunct in the sign of Pisces.  Time to Dance with and be initiated by these forces of Nature rather than buffeted by them.

Join me in a webinar on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. PT, for an embodied arts encounter with Pisces & Neptune.   We will attune ourselves to the archetypal energies through myth, symbols, and where these energies land in your personal astrology chart.   We will then move into ritual space through movement, expressive art and stream of consciousness writing… allowing the archetypes to reveal, inform, guide and initiate us.



The Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Neptune will all be conjunct .  Planets and points that form a conjunction are energies that are united.  They are blended; therefore, they act together.  The sun moved into Pisces on Monday, February 20th.  The new moon moves into Pisces on Tuesday, the 21st.  The giant Neptune whose transits are 14 years in one sign, just made its move into Pisces on February 3rd.  Mercury is also sojourning through Pisces at this time.   Neptune is Pisces’ ruler… and the ruler of the deep oceanic waters of the unconscious.  These powerful forces are impacting us all.


Where do Neptune and Pisces live in your chart, is one of the topics I will be covering in this webinar, along with the myths which are associated with these archetypes.  After attuning our awareness to these forces, we will then enter into an embodied arts experience of movement, expressive art & writing.


Mutable Water, feminine, keyword “I believe”—sensitive, moody, introspective, surrender and submission to whatever stream they’re in, to lose a sense of separateness, this world is not their habitat and the need to escape is strong, need to be alone and to retreat for renewal, serve or suffer, inferiority complex, feels unworthy—rules the feet


Prepare yourself for this event by…
  • creating an altar with symbolic pieces presenting these forces:  water – from the ocean if you live near it, otherwise put sea salt into a glass of purified water;  candles, altar cloths and your clothing in the colors of blue, teal, aqua;  images of water – the ocean, creeks, waterfalls, springs, rain, storms, turbulent ocean waters, fish, whales, mermaids, treasure chest, Poseidon, Neptune, Pisces.
  • Art Materials:  Paints, crayons, paper, and your journal to write in
  • A room of your own – where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the event, approximately 75 minutes



 Wednesday, February 22nd, at 7:00 p.m.

Join Meeting Here:  Neptune & Pisces Embodied Arts Webinar

For those of you who already dance with your intuitive psychic powers, these archetypal forces are something you want to pay attention to.  And these forces impact us all especially those of us working with our deeper psyches.  Neptune and Pisces represent the qualities and activity of the right brain, the imagination, our personal unconscious/psyche, and our dreams.  Let us become familiar with these forces of nature so we can learn to consciously embody them and master the skill of steering through their more violent turbulent aspects.


I so look forward to dancing with you here!   The event will be recorded, yet if you can, be live for this event.



Reveals your – Dream State – Divinity – Sensitivity
Neptune Corresponds with your – Expanded Consciousness. Your Spiritual Force.
Your inspiration, compassion, enlightenment and refinement. Your psychic ability. Fantasy. Mysticism.
Fraud elements of life. The sacrifices you make. Your escapist and illusionary tendencies.
Reveals your selfish and/or unselfish nature. The unclarity, confusion and/or delusion of your life.
Also shows your chaos, inertia and self martyrdom. Neptune Represents – psychics, dreamers, visionaries,
mediums, the sensitive, crooks, addicts, alcoholics. Mystic visions, dreams, seductive encounters,
hidden mysteries, disillusion, fraud, films, cosmetics, drugs, healers,prophets, recluses,
promoters, smugglers, detective and sea faring individuals.


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