Welcome to my new vlog series… Shamana of the Dark Eros Oracle.  


Yes!  wow!  I have even surprised myself with this act of creation!  This idea has danced in my imagination for some time.  Initially I had the Dark Eros Oracle page and invited in questions from my readers.  You can see it here…  


Yet my original idea was to video myself as the Dark Eros Oracle in my ‘womb’, my creative space, and dress up in different costumes to reflect the various archetypes I dance with… the Dark Eros Faery, the Morgan Sea Gypsy, the Dark Angel, the Witch of the Dark Yin Way… to name just a few of the playful criaturas that populate my imagination.


The name Shamana came to me years ago when I was sitting in my dentist’s office reading a National Geographic.  I had just returned from a mystery rites event in the desert with my women’s group.  My archetypal imagination had been stirred into dimensionality through our transformative play together.


Following the direction of our imaginations we all dispersed to different areas in the wild forest and allowed ourselves to play as we felt the impulse to do… creating in the earth, moving rocks and fashioning with sticks… following the thread of our psyches into itself.  I made ‘nests’ for all the women in the group while sitting high up in a tree looking out for signs of danger.  I felt bird.  Mother.  Saw death.  I imagined Crow.  Bird Woman.  It was a powerfully altering and transformative experience.


Days later, I turned the page in the magazine and saw the image of an ancient death shroud of a Bird Woman.  I froze!  The caption read… “Shamana or Sacrifice?”  Energy shot through my nervous system scintillating out in realization of some part of me.  I stuck that magazine in my bag and took it home.  Over the next months I was gripped by that story and created paintings and rituals around this image that somewhere in me said… home.



Shamana of the Dark Eros Oracle.  I LOVE Shamana.  So much softer than Shaman.   Also doesn’t hold the weight of traditions that want to know who dare call themselves such!  I have pursued my relationship with my unconscious ardently my whole life, though I didn’t name it as that until 12 years ago.  I see now I was called through my wound to learn its Tao, its way… and to teach others.  There is no doubt in my mind it is a shamanic path, though I have chosen to pursue it through psychological grounding and articulation.


So this is my story!  and my Why of my name for the new series.  The play that carried me into my journey, dreams, artwork, and healing through following the image of Shamana.  So in THIS FIRST VIDEO… I discuss the Power of Play… and having your own playroom to do it in.


I have to admit, the name will no doubt shapeshift with the ever changing archetypal energies I am feeling.  Right now, I am loving…

Shamana of the Dark Eros Oracle.


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I hope you enjoy my vlog!  And please… comment below and tell me about what imaginal criaturas are dancing in your  imagination!  Let us play!


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