OOoooooo my FAVORITE Mooooon of all! The Dark of the Moon or NEW Moon in Cancer! This means BOTH the Sun and Moon are conjunct in a powerful embrace radiating out the qualities of this archetype.


Cancer rules over alllllllll things Mother: Home. Birth. Nurturing. The Feeling Function. Protection, which the crab’s strong shell gives her soft inner self and outer home. And Leadership, particularly over these areas of life.


Cancer represents one side of the Mother/Father axis of the Self, seen in the chart on the 4/10 axis, and the archetypes of Cancer/Capricorn and Moon/Saturn. These polar opposites have the potential to weave together and give birth to a brave new world and support its realization… or, to be at enmity with each other through the conditioning of the abusive patriarchal powers, and destroy it.

The deeper feminine has been rising for some time and many people have been responding to her values… the feeling function and nurturance of the WHOLE genius of the human being with its devotional care of the whole World.


While we consider feminists reflect the revolution for women in the world breaking OUT of the domesticated domain of Home and Motherhood… there is a radicalization occurring in this area as well.


THIS is one of the most vital areas the New World is being fashioned in. Home. We value our politics and business, meanwhile the wee infants who will be our next leaders and determine the course of this planet are being shaped psychologically and intellectually in their homes by this mothering function.

The instinct of mothering is found in all human beings, whether male or female. This makes us unique as a species. This is very important to understand for we continue to mistakenly literalize these roles and their responsibility on women.


Along with that, we have exiled the healthy WILD mother who instinctively knows how to raise her children. We have created the myth of the ‘Good Mother’ who has made the parent neurotic. Someone who is always there for her child without care or nurturance of herself. Who obeys the rules of a society at the cost of the deeper needs of her children and herself. Who suppresses her own autonomous drives of self actualization and sexuality because they are seen in conflict with the good mother role. These attitudes having nothing to do with the healthy WILD mothering instinct.


WILD things know when things are not right. Kids rebel against ingesting irrelevant abstract information for 9 hours a day… and in response, are given psychiatric drugs to force them into doing just that. The WILD Mothering instinct knows she is supporting the destruction of the health of her child… and yet the parent is bound. Parents are controlled by the system… your child fails, you fail. You fail, your child fails.

With the Sun and Moon in Cancer, we are being called to more fully realize this instinct… and to unleash the WILD Mother in our lives so she can re-fashion the definition of mothering in allllll areas of life… from home, to self, to the world of business, education, politics.


Remember… this is NOT about Mothering as it was under the old regime. We don’t need mothering like that in the world. And thus each one of us, male and female, need to examine our conditioning. We need to wrestle with the patriarchal Mother. We need to reclaim the image of wholeness which values the health of our whole physical, emotional, mental and creative wellbeing.


And very importantly… we need to remember this is not just about women. This is about an instinct which is found in men as well. As long as we exclude men from this idea of the deeper feminine we create schisms which continue to foster enmity and feed the beast of the dark patriarchy.


This force of the WILD Mother is an instinctual archetype which has the power to radicalize men and women into greater wholeness and their roles in the world.


I know exceptional men with a strong healthy WILD Mother instinctual self. They have seized their children out of the clutches of abusive mothers. Seized their own psyches out of the clutches of the negative patriarchy. And who are now saving our world in business and politics by valuing the feelings and health needs of their employees while responding to the care of the world. These men are contributing as much to the revolution of the deeper feminine and the saving of our planet as the exceptional women I know are.


I am not in agreement with the Dalai Lama that it is the women of the western world who will save the world. The World will be saved by both women AND men who are in relationship with and responding to this sacred wild force of intelligence within them.


The revolution of this instinct needs to occur within each one of us. Look for the WILD Mother instinct within. Shed the layers of the conditioning of the negative mothering you may have received and align yourself with this revolution to care for YOU…. emotionally, physically, creatively, psychologically. In so doing, you become an integral part of this revolution of the WILD Mother and the creation of our new world.

The WILD Mother is making herself known. She is breaking down the old structures and giving birth to the new. SHE is a force to be reckoned with. Just be sure you are aligned with her original sacred WILD nature. Allow the archetype of Cancer to guide you.