Feeling it…


the sacred land my feet are standing upon and from which I was healed, transformed and reconnected to the Sacred Wild in me.


Emitting that gratitude and deep Knowing in this photo.


I am paying hommage to this land that has contained me over these last 19 years.  I feel the congruency of my coming together with it and my deep bodypsyche journey that would be likened to a shamanic journey, and this land that was/is a shamanic land.


I weep as I write this for all I have been through here…


and had it not been for this land… I would not have survived.  My sons would not have had their mother, for I could not have managed it.  If we had found a house just a few blocks away, far enough that I would not have discovered it… I shudder to think.


And yes… It was destiny.  For I chose this house.  And the Land chose me.


I walked into the house.  It was dark.  A cave.  I felt the STRONG earth beneath my feet. The KNOWING that ran through me in that moment!  That night, I turned to my husband and said… THAT is our house.  We must have THAT!


At that time I didn’t even know the cave was there!  I didn’t know there was a canyon!  None of it!  I left for 6 months to go on a healing journey to Mt. Shasta.  It was only upon my return after I chose to stay with my sons, chose to be mother…  that I discovered the land.


It was offered up to me as a Pearl from the deep for choosing the challenge that was my destiny.


I was DRUNK with ecstasy upon discovering it!  I wept and wept as I am now.