The Mound of Tara


Imbolc, February 1st and 2nd… the Sacred marking of mid-winter by the Pagans…  those who hold the cycles of both human nature and earth nature as an intimate dance with each other.


Imbolc honors the internal creative fires that are ignited by the returning sun. The Goddess Brighid who rules over this time, is the patroness of poets, bards, musicians and artisans.


Do you feel Her heat?


New visions birthing themselves out of the deep of the long lived darkness in Winter? Honor them! Write them! Toss them into the flames whose heat will forge them into the new forms birthing out over this next cycle into Spring!



Ahhhhhhhhh Imbolc! Mid-Winter!


I disappeared into the darkness on Winter Solstice
My light fully extinguished
Exhausted from a year fully lived loved PLAYED and expressed.


One last push for Christmas and it was done
I was finished
I released myself into the darkness.


Would I return?


Deep in the Mound of Tara
Stirs the fires of Brighid’s Heart
The center of Mid-Winter.


In Her flames I am fashioned anew
out of the darkness of the unknown.


Inspirations of the HeART burble up
Music! Poetry! Art!


Coals in my center glowing
in the flaming core of my deep heart.


What fires of inspiration are beginning to stir in your heart’s fires in this moment?  Share them with me in the comments below…