Your Valentine – Your Daemon

by | Feb 6, 2012 | Astro Scribe, Astrology

Romance your Inner Beloved, your Daemon… and your outer Lover will appear.  If you are already in a committed relationship, through your devotion to your Daemon you will deepen in your love and infuse it with the exquisite energy of Romance and Eros.


On Valentine’s Day people have their eye on the outer lover.  The one that holds the most intimate ‘Other’ position in our life.  We crave this one.  We have our tarot cards read, our astrology examined, and endless discussions with best friends.  We haunt nightclubs, online dating sites, and search the aisles of grocery stores to find this ever elusive all encompassing person.


Ironically, many who have this ‘One’ are now dealing with the challenges that intimacy draws forth.  We now deal with the shortcomings. The shadows.  The complexes from childhood that were never resolved.  The wounds from old lovers never healed.  Like the lepers in the myth of Jesus who came to be healed by his touch, our most vulnerable unloved selves come forth to be healed by this wondrous miraculous transformational energy of Love.  Yet without embodying the skills to work with wounds and complexes that arise, the Love that once held us in magical wonder deteriorates into a dark fitful unromantic problematic relationship… and eventually, dies.


Love is a living force which has the power to initiate and awaken us on the deepest levels.  This force of Love plays out intimately and uniquely to our personal lives through our Daemon.  Each of us has a Daemon, the exquisite unique wild cryptic nature of the genius we were born with.  The Daemon is our Inner Beloved, as Rumi refers to it.  Shakespeare called it his Muse.   For Psyche it was Eros.


Our Inner Beloved is ailing.  We are so driven by our outer lives, that we hardly give pause to the call of the Daemon to enter into a love tryst with ourselves.  It calls us to create from its inspirations and to fashion a life in alignment with its unique expression, our authentic selves.  One of the ways it reveals itself to us is through the dark shadows and wounds we carry.


The work with our deeper psyche, our Daemon, is to not only be inspired for creative works, but as a way to continually integrate our shadows and our complexes, the walls we continually bump up against in ourselves projected onto others.   When I come up against a challenging situation with my lover which seems intractable, I know it is my Daemon calling me.


When I choose to enter in to my deeper psyche through the embodied arts… authentic movement, process painting, expressive writing and witnessing… to work with the dark unintegrated energies which rise from my Daemon, a deep shift occurs on the inner which translates into a powerful shift in my outer life and love relationships.   This is an ongoing effort, a practice.  The shadows will always be with us.  They are the wayshowers of our growth.


Many desire love but do not realize the tremendous potential path of self actualization and healing love provides.  Stephen Levine calls it “the Yoga of Love”.   In essence it can become your spiritual practice.  A love relationship requires some of the deepest work you will do on yourself.  And thus if you are not willing to engage in that process… if you are not going to do the tasks that Psyche was given by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, to be initiated by this force, you will not succeed.  Your romance and relationship will fall the way of many loves, into a fitfall dark reality you eventually  end or resign yourself to its unfulfillment.


Romance your Daemon.  Do the deeper self work.  And your exquisite lover will dance with you in all areas of your life.


Join me for my Unleash Your Wild Creative Daemon program, beginning February 12, 2012.  One of the archetypes we will be working with is the Lover Queen.  Yet all the work we do in this program serves this deeper place of the Deamon which in turn nourishes the Lover – inner and outer – transforming all areas of your Life!

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In next week’s post, in honor of this powerful force of Love and Valentine’s Day, I shall tell the tale of Psyche and Eros from which my painting above was inspired by.


In love with you and your most exquisite Inner Beloved, your Daemon,


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