Kp in the yellow flowers1

“I tell you: one must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”


I LOVE to PLAY!  To paint fantastical beings and move my body like a Wild Criatura, make other-worldly sounds and unleash my raucous thoughts on paper without rhyme reason or form.  I am passionately in love with my deepest darkest most cryptic nature and the art I create from her.  She is my Guru.  My Oracle.  My Guide who inspires and transforms my life for the better… every time!


And… I neeeeeeed playmates!  Playmates who also know how to create from this place!   Who are ready to go full out into themselves and the greatest adventure there is to live!  LIFE!   I love to woo out and play with the deepest wildest most cryptic hidden genius part of YOU.


And thus… my work is born.  Romancing your Daimon.  Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius into Life.


This is who and what I am in love with in life!  This is what drives me inwardly and in my relationships with others.  I am in LOVE with your MADNESS!  That which you own and no one else.  Everyone is Mad.  Everyone hides it too.  Some artists let it out in their paintings, dances, writing.  Yet most hide it in the dark because it is soooooo cryptic we fear it won’t be loved.  It’s certainly not acceptable in the workplace.  Nor in front of children.  It’s eccentric.  Its imagination uncontrolled.  It’s wounded.  And thus, seen as abnormal.  The hunchback, deformed, ugly, scary.  The crooked nosed-witch.  The wild child.  The giant.  The bitch.  The beast.  The nymph.


She was hit as a child.  Told to shut up!  Told it was not okay.  Stop crying.  Stop being so loud.  Speak up!  Its not okay to do this or that or think this or that or BE this or that.  Sit in your seat.  STOP MOVING!  Do as I tell you.  Don’t touch yourself!  Learn what I know & don’t expose what I don’t.


So we hid.  Really well.   And only brought these parts of ourselves out to play in our dreams.  Sometimes in our doodles.  Our fantasies.  Our rantings.  But mostly, hid it so far away in the dark that we forgot it even existed.


Then one day you woke up feeling dead.  Or… empty.  You felt something hugely missing.  You have the degrees, cars, house, lovers, kids… you may be living the life of the artist, the successful entrepreneur.  But.. something is missing.  Not enough LIFE!  LOVE!  Passion!  Creation!  PLAY!! Not enough Sacred! Most importantly… not enough YOU!  You know it, and you don’t know how to do anything about it, cause it feels just too damn dark, twisted, lonely, and vulnerable in this solar world of achievement and success.


This one doesn’t speak in our language.  She feels.  She uses image. Movement. Words flow like incinerating fertile lava flourishing into new worlds.  F*ck grammar!  Unleashed art expression is her language and one of the only places her hidden face can be seen.


The most significant part of our humanity is hidden from us.  It is the key to our living a deeply satisfying and rich mythic life.  It is your gift to a World in need of your cryptic sacred genius.


Oh… and, as a side note, this Daimon? is the KEY to unlocking your BRAND.  Haha!  yes, had to throw that in.  Cause its true.  Think Frida Kahlo.


Allow me to romance your Daimon… your Sacred Wild Creative Genius.

Self Portrait with Hummingbird 1940