100_2324a Woman is a painting I worked on while in the midst of creating an initiatory rite of the myth, Psyche & Eros.  It began with the mark of my face… one side painted purple impressed upon the paper, representing for me the masculine Eros; the other painted red, the feminine Psyche. 100_1364a The painting grew from this first initial panel into the winged creature.  The Black Goddess appeared at the end rising above the two lovers as the great Initiator of the whole story. Aphrodite.  The golden woman in the center of the labyrinthic womb with the Queen of Black Hearts, the guardian of its gateway, is the human woman born out of her sufferings in relationship to the transpersonal.  The painting represents the whole myth, and my life, as an initiatory rite of Womanhood. Thelabyrinth   (click on images to enlarge)